Bluetti AC70: How Does it Differ from the AC60 and Does it Support the B80 Expansion Module?

Bluetti AC70 Vs AC60

The Bluetti engineers seem to be working without breaks to design new models every now and then. Just about a week ago, we learned about the arrival of two new compact models (the AC70 and …

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Bluetti Solar Home Storage Systems: The EP900 Vs. EP800 Vs. AC200 Max Vs. AC300 Vs. AC500 – The Differences at a Glance

Bluetti Solar Home Storage Systems

Bluetti is an important supplier of solar-based portable and home battery backup systems across the world and North America. Apart from a wide range of large, mid-size, and compact power stations, the brand also offers …

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Sharge Shargeek 170: A Sleek and Prism-Shaped Third Edition to the Shargeek Power Bank Series with 170W Output 

Sharge Shargeek 170

The next generation of Sharge’s much-excited, transparent Shargeek power bank has arrived. The new model, called the Shargeek 170, along with a unique prism shape, highlights an increased output of 170 watts and an input …

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Bluetti AC2A: How Does the New Mini Bluetti Solar Power Station Differ from the EB3A and AC60?

Bluetti AC2A Vs. EB3A Vs. AC60 Comparison

Bluetti is slated to launch yet another small and ultra-compact solar power station with a LiFePO4 battery pack. It is the AC20A, which is scheduled to arrive in stores in the first week of November …

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Zero Breeze Mark 3: The Third Edition Of The Famous Portable Solar Air Conditioner With An Increased 5280 BTU

Zero Breeze Mark 3 Overview

Zero Breeze has announced the third edition of its Mark portable solar-chargeable air conditioner. That is, of course, branded as a Mark 3, which, with an increased BTU of 5280, can raise strong competition to …

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Bluetti AC2A and AC70: The New Compact LiFePO4 Solar Power Stations

Bluetti AC2A And AC70

Bluetti has added two more impressive models to its extensive collection of solar-chargeable portable power stations. Called the AC2A and AC70, these are two compact models for portable, off-grid, and on-the-go applications. The new Bluetti …

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Vitaloop Filter Bottle: A One-Touch, On-the-Go Filter Bottle with 5-Stage Filtration, Including Graphene and Bromine Halogen Filters

Vitaloop Filter Bottle

A reliable and trustable portable water purification solution is the need of the hour for campers, hikers, and all types of outdoor enthusiasts. We certainly have different types of portable water filter systems, including filter …

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