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Green Technology, Solar Energy Storage, Smart Gardening Systems, Alternative Energy, EV Technology, and More

PureInvents.com is a product discovery blog that explores pure, green, and sustainable lifestyle inventions, trends, and innovative products. There is no break for innovation. Every day, there are some awe-inspiring innovations, and on this blog, we would like to keep scanning the web to find pure, smart, and sustainable products and innovations that can keep our lifestyle more sustainable and green Learn more.


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Notice: We are very careful when finding new and innovative products on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as there is a good chance of having scammy projects. We do our best to verify the project creator before choosing a product to feature on our blog in order to protect our readers from any scams and protect their investments.

Crowdfunding Risk Warning: There is a potential risk in supporting any crowdfunding project, which may badly affect you in some ways, including, but not limited to, shipping delays, price changes, and quality failure. As a blog that covers innovative products, we cover several crowdfunded projects, so take better care before investing your money. 

Liam Eck is a full-time blogger who is passionate about green and sustainable lifestyle inventions and products. At PureInvents, he covers the topics of green technology, alternative energy, solar energy storage systems, smart home gardens, and other smart and green inventions. #Contact Liam at liameck@pureinvents.com – TwitterReddit