About Us

PureInvents is a product discovery blog that helps you find the latest products and get in touch with the hot trends in the verticals of smart home gardening systems and green technology.

In this blog, I would like to cover a wide range of topics like ready-to-grow smart home gardens, countertop kitchen gardens, smart composters, and other electric and non-electric gardening and green technology products to make your households rather greener places.

I have been passionate about gardening, especially indoor gardening since my childhood. As of today, I maintain a full-fledged greenhouse at my home to grow all essential vegetables, fruits, and leaves for my daily household consumption.

In my greenhouse, I have set up several advanced smart gardening systems that are available in my place. In this blog on smart home gardening systems, I would like to bring together all the best products of the kind across the world.

To be frank, I don’t claim that I have tested each and every product that is covered in this blog, but I will try my best to include genuine user reviews and user experiences in blog posts, so it will be rather easier for you to find the best product at the best prices.

I am also committed to bringing to you the latest offers and deals on various products by directly contacting their makers and sharing with you exclusive discount coupons and vouchers. Check out all my blog posts here.

If you want to contribute articles to my blog on smart home gardening systems, contact me at veevahid@gmail.com.

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