BougeRV Vs Renogy Vs EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels: What to Go for?

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If you are looking for a cool portable solar panel, you have many awesome brands over there.

In my view, BougeRV, Renogy, and EcoFlow are three highly reliable brands that have been offering incredible portable solar panels for a long time.

BougeRV and Renogy have been mostly in the business of solar panels and other portable power systems and accessories like batteries, charge controllers, solar kits, and more.

Meanwhile, EcoFlow, as you know, is a chief player in the market for ready-to-go portable power systems, but it also features some brilliant portable solar panels, along with its award-winning series of power stations and solar home storage solutions.

What about having a look at some of the great portable solar panels from these three brands? Yes, that will surely give you an overall insight into the best models out there before investing your hard-earned money in a solution that can meet your requirements as desired.

BougeRV Portable Solar Panels

I would like to start with BougeRV, which offers a collection of impressive portable solar panels. Including its top-selling 100W, 12-fold Paso solar blanket, the brand has on sale some great solar panel solutions for portable applications.

A 100-watt, 9-busbar high-efficient solar panel with a kickstand is another cool option, and this one is also available in a 200W variant with four foldings, making it ideal for portable use along with your solar chargeable power stations.

BougeRV Portable Solar Panels Collection

The solid carry handle makes it highly usable out in the wild for moving from one place to another. Everything with the BougeRV folding solar panels is solid and highly reliable, making them suitable for prolonged use outdoors.

Apart from these folding portable solar panels, BougeRV also offers some flexible solar panels, regular solar panels, and trendy bifacial solar panels.

Renogy Portable Solar Panels

When it comes to portable panels, Renogy has always been a leader with a wide range of products. As of writing this in February 2024, Renogy offers more than half a dozen impressive portable solar panels, including a 400W, eight-fold solar panel that comes at around $600 on the brand’s website.

That is indeed an attractive price compared to EcoFlow’s 400W solar panel, which is, of course, a rather portable four-fold unit. Apart from the 400W model, Renogy offers a four-fold 200W solar panel and a two-fold 100W solar panel in the category of semi-flexible solar panels.

Renogy Portable Solar Panels Collection

Meanwhile, it offers 100W and 200W variants in its foldable, solid models, apart from several trickle chargers and battery maintainers.

Overall, if you are looking at buying a portable panel, Renogy is indeed a brand that you should check out along with BougeRV and EcoFlow before making your final decision on buying one.

EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels

Finally, I have EcoFlow on the table for discussion.

No doubt, EcoFlow is the leader in the making of portable and home solar batteries in comparison to Bluetti and Jackery, and one thing that makes the brand special over many of its competitors, in my view, is its rich collection of high-efficiency solar panels.

Apart from portable solar panels, EcoFlow also champions the market with a series of stationary, solid solar panels that are meant for rooftop mounts for its big-size power stations, including the EcoFlow power kits and the brand-new Delta Pro Ultra.

EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels Collection

Anyway, my topic here is the EcoFlow portable solar panels.

As of this writing, the brand features a collection of incredible models in different power options, starting from a small 60W model to a massive 400W one.

In between, the brand offers some top-selling models in the capacities of 110 watts, 160 watts, and 220 watts. The final one is a bifacial solar panel.

Overall, if you are looking to add solar juice to your power station or home battery, EcoFlow has multiple options for you.

And if you go for portable power generation out in the wild, you can, as your budget allows, either get multiple units of its mid-size or small panels or get a single 400W unit to ensure essential solar charging for your batteries.

The Best Models at a Glance

With all three companies (BougeRV, Renogy, and EcoFlow) offering multiple models of portable solar panels with different power options and features, it is not easy to say which one is the best for you.

All the solar panels are of good quality with decent solar output and conversion rate, apart from the portability thing. The truth is that most brands sell models that are most likely manufactured by the same OEMs in China, so the quality might always remain the same.

Anyway, I would like to choose a single model from each brand based on several facts, including the overall consumer feedback, applicability, and more. They are;

BougeRV 100W Solar Blanket Renogy 400W Solar Blanket EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel
BougeRV 100W Solar Blanket Renogy 400W Solar Blanket EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel
  • 100W Solar Output
  • Unfold Size: 52.5 x 42.4 x 0.06″
  • Weight: 4.90 lbs
  • 400W Solar Output
  • Unfold Size: 102 x 42″
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • 400W Solar Output
  • Unfold Size: 93.1 x 43.7 x 1.0 in
  • Weight: 35.3lbs

BougeRV 100W Solar Blanket

This is a 100-watt, 12-fold folding solar panel with advanced CIGS technology.

Its highly foldable form factor is what makes it a favorite portable solar charger for campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Priced at around $500, it is one of the coolest folding solar panels you can find on the market today, and it is an ideal choice for using with your small portable battery packs.

Renogy 400W Solar Blanket

This is Renogy’s soar blanket, with an output of 400 watts. You get eight layers of highly efficient and folding solar panels with an incredibly lightweight and ultra-thin design.

The solar panel weighs only 26.5 pounds, so it is a brilliant choice for all your outdoor power needs. With an increased solar conversion rate of 23.7%, a single unit can suffice to charge your mid-size power stations and battery packs.

EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

Finally, we have EcoFlow’s biggest portable folding solar panel. The 400W solar charger is indeed one of the best of its kind on the market, and it is a decent choice to charge the brand’s big-size power stations off the grid.

This is a four-layered, highly durable solar panel with a strong and sturdy adjustable kickstand. Thanks to its IP68 rating, it is a cool, water-resistant portable solar power solution that you can use to enjoy your life outdoors with seamless power from the sunlight.


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