Bluetti AC2A: How Does the New Mini Bluetti Solar Power Station Differ from the EB3A and AC60?

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Bluetti is slated to launch yet another small and ultra-compact solar power station with a LiFePO4 battery pack. It is the AC20A, which is scheduled to arrive in stores in the first week of November 2023, with a bigger sibling called the AC70.

The AC2A is a 204.8 Wh battery pack with a 300-watt inverter. That means it looks to be a direct hit at EcoFlow’s upgraded River 2, but how does the new AC2A differ from Bluetti’s own other small power stations, the EB3A and the AC60?

To begin with, let us have a look at the design part. Unlike the other compact models in its series, the AC70 and the AC2A have a different handle setup, which resembles the new River 2 series from EcoFlow. Has Bluetti ditched the old flappy handle for the new carved-out one to beat the River 2s?

Bluetti AC2A at a Glance @ $180

Bluetti AC2A Product Image

  • 204.8 Wh LFP Battery with 3000+ Cycles.
  • 300-Watt (600-Watt) Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Two 120V/15A AC sockets
  • USB-C 100W and Two USB-A Ports.
  • 12V DC Carport.
  • 270-Watt AC Charging
  • 200-Watt Solar Charging.
  • Dimensions: 9.8inx6.1inx6.8 in
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs

Bluetti EB3A at a Glance @ $200

Blueti EB3A Product Image

  • 268.8 Wh LFP Battery with 2500+ Cycles.
  • 600-Watt (1200-Watt) Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Four 120V/15A AC sockets
  • USB-C 100W and Multiple USB-A Ports.
  • 12V DC Carport.
  • Two 12V/10A DC 5521 Outlets
  • 268-Watt and 360-Watt AC Charging
  • 200-Watt Solar Charging.
  • Dimensions: 10.04 x 7.09 x 7.20 in
  • Weight: 10.14 lbs

Bluetti AC60 at a Glance @ $650

Bluetti AC60 Product Image

  • 403Wh/2,015Wh LFP Battery with 3000+ Cycles.
  • Expandable with AC60 Extra Batteries
  • 600-Watt (1200-Watt) Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Two 120V/15A AC sockets
  • USB-C 100W and Two USB-A Ports.
  • 12V DC Carport.
  • 15W Wireless Charging Pad.
  • 600-Watt AC Turbo Charging
  • 200-Watt Solar Charging.
  • Dimensions: 11.42in × 8.07in × 9.21in
  • Weight: 20.6lbs

Let us dig out more facts below. Stay on.

Bluetti AC2A vs. EB3A vs. AC60

First of all, let us see what is similar about these three models.

Yes, as you can see, all these are lightweight and compact battery packs with long-life LFP battery packs, so they are perfect for campers, hikers, and all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

Another important feature that I noticed that makes these machines similar is the solar charging input. All the small Bluetti power stations can be charged with a solar input of up to 200 watts.

It means a single unit of the brand’s 200W folding solar panel is enough to charge it from the sunlight.

AC2A vs Eb3A vs AC60

The Differences at a Glance

The Inverter Output

First things first, the new AC2A is a 300-watt power station, and it is the first 300-watt power station that the brand has in its recent lineup.

There was a model called the AC30 earlier with a different styling, but that was discontinued sooner with the arrival of the EB3A and EB55, I think.

The brand new AC2A actually packs a great combination of a 300-watt inverter and a decent 204.8 Wh LFP battery, which makes it a strong rival to the River 2, which has a slightly bigger 256 Wh battery, though.

It is when both the EB3A and AC60 are 600-watt inverters, but they have different battery sizes, i.e., 268.8 Wh and 403 Wh, respectively.

By the way, AC2A has a surge capacity of 600 watts, which the brand has named ‘Lifting Power Mode,’ which looks to be the peak power capacity of the model.

Bluetti Solar Charging for AC2A and AC70

The Size and Weight

This looks to be another great attraction of the new AC2A.

With a weight of just 7.9 lbs, it seems to be the lightest ever solar power station from Bluetti, and it comes in the same range as its rival model, the RIver 2.

Even the older AC30 had a weight above 10 lbs.

In the meantime, the AC60 has a weight of over 20 lbs, and the EB3A has a weight of 10.14 lbs.

Quite obviously, the new AC2A is smaller than all these other models of Bluetti, and it measures only 9.8 × 5.9 × 7.1 inches.


Like the EB3A and AC60, the new AC20A is also expandable with the B80 in Power Bank Mode, which gives you the freedom to further expand the storage capacity for continuous power supply.

The 806 Wh B80, as you may know, is the smallest expansion module from Bluetti.

Price and Availability

The EB3A and AC60 are available for sale on the Bluetti website for a price of around $200 and $650, respectively, as of this writing in October 2023.

Meanwhile, the AC2A is to carry a price of around $170 to become one of the cheapest solar power stations on the market. The brand will start selling it on November 2, 2023, along with its sibling, the AC70.

Bluetti Power Lifting Mode

Why Buy a Bluetti AC2A?

  • An ultra-lightweight LFP power station with decent output and storage capacity
  • Super compact and portable for all types of outdoor applications, especially camping, hiking, exploring, fishing, and more.
  • The 300-watt output is enough to run your small appliances, and the Lifting Power mode offers you a 600-watt output to run bigger appliances.
  • Decent 200-watt solar charging Along with charging from a solar panel, you can keep using it to power your devices off the grid.
  • A long-life and ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery is under the hood.

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