Jackery Solar Mars Bot and Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent: The New CES 2024 Concept Designs from Jackery

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Jackery, the leading solar power station maker, unveiled some exciting concept designs at CES 2024. One of the much-hyped designs of the event was the Solar Mars Robot, which, as you can imagine, is a solar charging and storage robot that is inspired by the Opportunity rover – yes, the Mars rover that was active from 2004 until 2018.

The Solar Mars Robot was one of the biggest attractions of the entire CES 2024, and along with it, Jackery also put on display a brand-new concept of the Solar Generator for Camping Tent. Both products are, of course, incredible concepts that let outdoor enthusiasts collect and store much more solar energy in a more practical and interesting way.

But can we expect these two products to come out from Jackery anytime soon? I ask this unpleasant question because Jackery surprised all of us at CES 2023 with a bunch of attractive green energy products that included a wheeled rollable battery, a 200-watt portable wind turbine, a solar camping tent, and an all-in-one suitcase solar power station.

There was no mention of those innovations from the brand anytime after the CES event.

Yes, it is true that when they were put on display at CES 2023, the brand said these concepts would only come to reality over a longer time, maybe two years or so. But this time again, the brand, which seems to have lost a significant part of its market share to new brands like EcoFlow and Bluetti, has turned out with some new concepts at CES and largely attracted visitors to its booth.

Anyway, let us have a detailed look at all of Jackery’s concept designs and new models for the year 2024 below.

Jackery Solar Mars Bot

Jackery Solar Mars Bot

The Jackery Mars Bot features four wheels and sun-tracking solar panels that are spread out on all sides. The integrated sun tracking system will stretch out the solar panels at a perfect angle where they can grab as much solar power as possible.

The bot-like solar power station is said to carry a battery of around 5000 Wh and an output of 3000 watts. The maximum solar input is expected to be 600 watts. You will have multiple charging outlets and sockets to utilize the stored power to run your gadgets and electronics out in the wild.

As per reports, the Mar Bot is to weigh around 155 lbs, and its size is 1140 x 815 x 810 millimeters. More specific details about the Jackery Mars Bot and its specs are yet to come out. We will update them here as soon as they are available to us.


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