Bluetti’s AC240: A Brand-New 2400-Watt All-Weather Modular Solar Power Station with an AC240P Premium Version

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Bluetti’s brand-new AC240 is a game-changing all-weather solar power station. The leader in the segment of portable power stations is to start selling the brand-new weatherproof model starting on April 2, 2024.

The new AC240 is a 2400W power station with a 1536 Wh LFP battery and is capable of powering your outdoor life with no worries about sunshine or rain. That is what makes the new Bluetti model special among many of its competitive models in the EcoFlow and Jackery lineups.

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We already have Bluetti’s little AC60 with some waterproof attributes, but this one is an incredible upgrade to it with an awesome all-weather body, which you can confidently use outdoors regardless of the rough climatic conditions, making it an incredible choice for off-grid and outdoor enthusiasts.

Bluetti AC240 Specs and Features

The AC240 is a highly modular battery.

With the B210 additional battery pack, you can take its overall storage capacity up to a maximum of 20.2 Wkh as it supports parallel pairing. That said, you can pair two units of the AC240s and connect each to multiple units of the additional battery for seamless battery capacity.

As it is with the AC180 and some other recent models from Bluetti, the AC240 also comes with an AC240P premium version, which carries a more powerful 1843 Wh LFP battery, and all the other specs, including the solar charging and AC charging rates, are almost the same.

Well, you can charge the battery from a solar input of up to 1200 watts, which can charge it in just around two hours under optimal sunlight.

Bluetti has yet to confirm the price of the new AC240 and AC240P. Let us wait until April 2, 2024, to get an update on the price from the brand.

Bluetti AC240 Price

Bluetti has announced the launch price of its much-awaited AC240. A single unit of the battery will cost $1399, which is a discount of around $600 from its original price.

An AC240 + B210 extra battery bundle costs $2368, while an AC240 + PV200 solar panel bundle costs $1698 as part of the initial sale, which kicks off on April 2, 2024.

Source: Bluetti Power


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