DeliOne Flexi Jar V2: An Eco-Friendly, Collapsible Silicone Jar with Amazing Possibilities for Camping and Outdoor Adventures 

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DeliOne keeps its motto of “less is more” with its brand-new, upgraded Flexi Jar V2.

Launched on Kickstarter, the second edition of the brand’s flexible jar is capable of sparking a change in our drive for environmental protection.

It is time to say goodbye to the traditional glass and plastic jars.

The new flexible jar from DeliOne features a revolutionary design that lets you expand the jar with a quick lift and crumble it with an easy push.

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So the key point is that you get an incredibly outdoor-friendly jar.

The adventure-ready jar comes with a removable handle, so you can easily carry our food items—whether cooked or row – in a more sustainably designed jar.

Though compact in design, what you get is, in fact, a supersized jar, as long as you can expand and collapse it as per the volume of the items you want to carry in the jar.

More good news for adventurers and explorers!

The DeliOne jar can endure both high and low temperatures.

High temperatures, even up to 220 °C, are not going to break your jar. Can you believe it? Yes, that is true with the Flexi Har V2.

DeliOne Jar Specs

The jar is made of platinum-grade silicone material, which is food-safe and so flexible that you can flip it inside out for cleaning. 

The brand offers the jar in six sizes, ranging from 380 ml to 3000 ml. The crowdfunding price of the jar starts at around $29 on Kickstarter, and the brand plans to start shipping it to backers in June 2024.  

DeliOne Flexi Jar V2 Cleaning Video

Source: DeliOne


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