Bluetti EB3A Vs. EcoFlow River 2: What to Buy of the Little, Ultra-Lightweight Solar Power Stations?

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If you are looking at buying a small, budget-friendly solar power station, you have two great options to look at from the two leading brands of the same in the universe. They are the Bluetti EB3A and the EcoFlow River 2.

Both are two compact and ultra-lightweight LiFePO4 solar battery packs, which the brands launched in 2023. In this article, I would like to have a glance at these little batteries. That will let you find the best one for your portable power needs off-the-grid.

The Bluetti EB3A

The EB3A is one of the smallest solar power stations from Bluetti. At its launch, it was touted as the smallest-ever LFP power station on the market. As of now, Bluetti offers multiple models in the segment of small power stations, like the AC2A and AC60.

Anyway, the EB3A is still a top-selling model, and it comes with a 600-watt inverter, which looks to be a key attraction of the machine compared to some of its counterparts in the market, including the River 2.

Bluetti Eb3A Solar Power Station


The battery inside the EB2A is a decent 268 Wh unit, and it can offer you a life of 2500+ charging cycles up to 80% capacity.

You can charge the EB3A with a combined power of 430 watts, including solar (200W) and AC input. The little device is also rich with several charging outlets, including two AC outlets, one USB-C 100W port, a 12V carport, and a 15W wireless charging pad.

The EcoFlow River 2

River 2, as you can see, is the smallest solar power station from EcoFlow and is obviously the entry-level variant of its much-touted River series of portable solar batteries.

The ‘2’ means it is the second upgrade to the series with an LFP battery upgrade.

The River Original has been one of the most iconic models on the market from the brand and is indeed one of the favorites of outdoor enthusiasts.

EcoFlow River 2 Power Station


When it comes to the specs of River 2, it is a 300-watt power station with a battery capacity of 256 watts. The battery is a high-quality LFP unit with a life of more than 3000 charging cycles up to 80% capacity.

It can be charged from a solar input of up to 110 watts and an AC socket at a speed of 360 watts. It falls short of the EB3A in terms of charging speeds, apart from the inverter and battery power.

But the River 2 enjoys the great advantage of being a compact product from a valuable brand, i.e., EcoFlow. And it is very portable for off-grid and outdoor activities.

The EB3A vs. River 2: What Are the Differences?

Bluetti EB2A Vs EcoFlow River 2 Comparison Sheet

The main difference between the little power stations is the inverter power. The River 2 is only a 300-watt battery pack, while you get an output of 600 watts with its Bluetti alternative.

Moreover, you can charge the Bluetti device at a rather faster pace from a solar power source. But you get the River 2 in a small size and with a significantly smaller and more compact size than the Bluetti rival.

Regarding the battery, both devices share nearly the same capacity. Both the batteries are advanced LFP units that can offer you a longer lifespan.

Finally, the price thing. As of this writing in February 2024, the Blutti is just $10 cheaper than the River 2.


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