Bluetti AC70: How Does it Differ from the AC60 and Does it Support the B80 Expansion Module?

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The Bluetti engineers seem to be working without breaks to design new models every now and then.

Just about a week ago, we learned about the arrival of two new compact models (the AC70 and the AC2A), followed by the launch of its off-grid-only home battery, the EP800, a few months ago.

Customers might be confused about the number of power stations the brand has. The AC70 is a new model that the brand released in the first week of November 2023.

In this article, I would like to explore how the AC70 differs from one of the other recent releases from the brand, the AC60+B80.

Before moving on to the specs, let us have a look at the design side.

The new AC70 has a different, carved-out handle from the AC60’s folding handle. It seems Bluetti has made it more competitive with the new EcoFlow River 2 series. If that is the case, Bluetti has a clear edge with its rather comfy inward handle, unlike the River 2’s popped-out handle.

View the AC2A on the Bluetti Website Here | Amazon Here
View the AC70 on the Bluetti Website | Amazon Here
View the AC60 on the Bluetti Website | Amazon Here

Bluetti AC70 Vs Bluetti AC60 Comparison

The AC70 Price and Release Date: The new AC70 will be on sale at a price of $499 on November 2, 2023. It means you get the 768 Wh/1000W battery for $100 cheaper than the AC60, which costs $599.

Bluetti AC70 Vs. AC60

The new AC70 is a 768 Wh LFP battery with a 1000-watt inverter, making it almost two times as powerful as the AC60.

The AC60 is a 600-watt model, and it packs a 403 Wh battery. You can expand it up to 2,015 Wh with its exclusive B80 extra battery.

So what about the AC70? Yes, it also supports scalability with the B80 and all other Bluetti expansion modules other than the flagship B300S.

What else makes the AC70 differ from the AC60?

Yes, it definitely has a better charging speed, which is 1000 watts with a combination of AC and solar. We don’t have a breakdown of the charging inputs at the time of this writing, whereas the combined charging speed of the AC60 is up to 800 watts only (600-watt AC and 200-watt solar).

That has been my quick comparison with the available information about the AC70.

As soon as the new model is available on the Bluetti website, I will come up with a detailed analysis of the two machines.

Why Should You Buy an AC70?

That is simple. You get a bigger battery in a compact design. Though the AC60 is smaller and ultra-compact, the battery is only a small one, and the inverter is a 600-watt one.

Going with the AC70, which looks to have an incredible placement in between the brand’s AC180 and the EB70S, you get a decently powerful 1000-watt mid-range power station that still has an attractive compact design, and the battery under the hood is a 768 Wh one.

Of course, the AC70 is a great alternative to the EcoFlow River 2 Pro, which packs only an 800-watt inverter. Overall, you get one of the coolest compact power stations with a mid-size battery inside if you go with the brand-new AC70.

Here is my short comparison of the AC2A with the EB3A and AC60.


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