Bluetti Black Friday Deals 2023: Save Up to $2000 on the Bluetti’s Best-in-Class Solar Power Stations

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Bluetti has announced early deals for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 discount sale. With a few more days left for the year-end shopping frenzy to kickstart, the famous brand in the market for portable solar power stations launched its offers a bit earlier, followed by its key rival, EcoFlow.

In the title for the Black Friday Deals, Bluetti offers a discount of up to $2000 for its top-class power station. Let us have a deep dive into the best deals the brand has on offer for the frenzy shopping season and see how it will be helpful for a buyer who is looking to get an incredible portable or home battery for off-grid or emergency power.

In the early bird Black Friday deals, the brand has almost the entire collection of its power stations, starting from AC60 to AC500. Recently launched brand-new models like the AC2A and AC70 are also available at discounted prices, while its much-touted home battery packs, the EP900 and EP800 are not on the list, and we are not sure if they will arrive in the offer fold in the days to come.

Bluetti AC300+B300 Home Battery

Bluetti AC300 Black Friday Offers

The AC300, a 100% modular power station with the B300 extra battery module, is, as you know, one of the most popular models from the brand. It is available with multiple bundles of add-on batteries in some attractive deals, apart from different free solar panels in the bundles.

View the Black Friday Deal Here

Well, a combination of the AC300 and a single unit of the AC300 is on sale with a cut of $700, and you can go with a free Bluetti PV 220 solar panel in the bundle. Meanwhile, an AC300 with two units of extra batteries comes with a discount of $1300, and a free PV380 solar panel is included in it.

The same product, which has a 3000-watt inverter and a solar charging input of 2400 watts, is on discount sale in different bundles with the extra batteries and solar panels.

Bluetti AC500+B300S Home Battery

Bluetti AC500 Black Friday Offes 2023

Then comes the brand’s flagship home battery, the AC500, the elder sibling to the AC300, of course. This model is also available with some notable discounts for year-end shopping in various bundles with the B300S extra battery modules. The AC500 kit brings to you a free AC500 home integration kit that is worth over $600.

View the Black Friday Deal Here

The AC500, as you may know, is a 5000-watt modular power station that, in terms of storage capacity, you can take up to a massive 18432 Wh using extra battery packs. Meanwhile, with the 240V/10KW Split Phase System, you can double the capacity and inverter power to set up a full home battery backup.

Bluetti AC200 Max Expandable Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Max Black Friday Deals 2023

This is another popular model from Bluetti, and it is on sale with a discount of $250 for the Black Friday season. The AC200 Max is a 2200-watt power station with a built-in battery capacity of 2048 Wh, and you can expand it up to 6144 Wh and 8192 Wh, respectively, with two units of the brand’s B230 and B300 external battery modules.

View the Black Friday Deal Here

Thus, you get the AC200 Max in multiple bundles – nearly half a dozen – with the two add-on batteries and different solar panels.

All the kits are, of course, on sale with some discounts for the shopping event, so it looks to be one of the best times this year to get the popular AC200 Max at the best price.

Bluetti AC70 and AC2A New Models

Bluetti AC2A Vs. AC70

These are two of the most recent launches from Bluetti. The AC2A is one of the smallest batteries from the brand, with a storage capacity of 204 Wh and an inverter of 300 watts. It also has a special ‘Lifting Power’ mode, where you get a surge capacity of 600 watts.

View the AC70 on the Bluetti Website Here | Amazon Here
View the AC2A on the Bluetti Website Here | Amazon Here

Then comes the AC70, a 768 Wh power station with a 1000-watt inverter with a lifted power of 2000 watts. The main difference these two brand-new models make from their siblings like the EB3A, AC60, and EB70S, I think, is the slight design change, which you can see in the shape of the handle with a carved-in one instead of the flappy one.

Anyway, the new Bluetties are on sale with discounted prices for the year-end shopping season.

The former is just $179, one of the cheapest LFP solar power stations on the market, whereas the latter one retails at $499, which means the models have some really competitive pricing compared to their alternatives in the EcoFlow lineup.

Bluetti New Products 2023 at a Glance

With fall 2023 nearby, it looks like the right time to have a sneak peek at the 2023 new launches of Bluetti, the top innovator of solar-based portable power stations. If you are looking at Bluetti’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other year-end deals, this will help you find the best models and make sure you get an awesome battery for off-grid and portable power for the fall or the next year.

There is no doubt that Bluetti has been one of the leading sellers of solar battery packs for a while in the US. Since its launch, it has been really dominating the market and raising a strong challenge to other players like EcoFlow, Jackery, and finally, Goal Zero, which was not in the scene for a while with no fresh products and recently made headlines by unveiling the new Yeti 4000 Pro.

Bluetti launched nearly half a dozen new products in 2023.

At CES 2023, the brand put on display its famous off-and-on-grid-friendly home battery, the EP900, along with its last-year flagship release, the AC500+B300S. Further, as the months went by, the brand launched a dedicated off-grid home battery, the EP800 with a 7600-watt inverter, and two other portable batteries, the AC60 and the AC180.

The B80 compact expansion battery was another notable launch of the year from Bluetti. It is an 806 Wh LFP battery that can attach to the brand’s entry-level and compact power stations, the EB3A, AC60, AC180, and EB70S, to expand their capacities further.

A more powerful 420-watt folding solar panel branded as the Bluetti PV420 was another addition to the brand’s collection of solar panels in 2023.

Above all, the brand launched a folding trolley with 360° front wheels to let you easily carry its heavy power stations, like the AC500. It can comfortably hold a single unit of AC500 and a pair of B300S accompaniments for additional storage capacity. With the official trolley, users no longer need to look for an aftermarket one on Amazon or anywhere else.


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