Montek X1200 and X2000: The Brand New 2000-Watt Series of Montek’s Suitcase Solar Generators

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Montek, the famous maker of the X1000 suitcase solar generator, is about to launch fresh upgrades to its product portfolio.

The new generation of suitcase-style solar generators comes in two variants with 2000W outputs. They are the X1200 and X2000, which mainly differ in two different battery sizes as well as different cell architectures: the LFP and NCM, respectively.

What makes the Montek solar generators unique is that they are simple and super portable, thanks to their suitcase-style form factors.

View the Monteks on Indiegogo Here

The new models with add-on battery capacities are really going to be incredible replacements for the bulky Bluetti, Jackery, and EcoFlow power stations, especially for those who want to use the power stations for outdoor scenarios like camping, outings, tailgating fishing, grilling, and more.

Montek X1200 And X2000 Features

Montek X1200 and X2000: What Are the Differences?

So, as said above, these two battery packs are basically 2000-watt power stations, but let us see what makes them different on their battery side.

The X2000, obviously the biggest of the duo, equips a 2072 Wh NCM pouch battery with a charging life of more than 1500 cycles. You can expand it up to 8288 Wh using up to three units of the brand’s external battery pack branded as the B2000, which also carries an NCM battery.

Then comes its younger sibling with an advanced LFP battery pack that has 2500+ charging cycles, quite obviously. This is a 1280 Wh battery, and you can crank it up to 5120 Wh using up to three units of its external module, the B1200.

Of course, you can’t interchange the LFP and NCM add-on batteries. Find the picture below to see how the expandability of the Montek solar generator works.

Montek X1200 Vs X2000 (1)

Charging Outlets: Anything Different?

No, both models have exactly the same charging outlets. Even if the models have congested suitcase form factors, there is nothing to worry about about the number of charging outlets.

First of all, the power stations have four AC outlets (2000W/4000W surge) for the US version, while the EU version has three AC sockets.

When it comes to DC charging units, the suitcase solar generators feature as many as ten different sockets, covering a pair of 100W USB-C PD ports, USB-C 65W ports, and USAB-A 24W ports.

The other sockets include a 13.8V regulated carport, a 12V/30A aviation socket, and a pair of 13.8V barrel ports. A decently sized display is another attraction that can give you all the status and data for quick reading.

Montek X1200 And X2000 Charging Outlets

Charging Inputs

You can charge both the Montek solar generators from a wall socket at a rate of up to 1000 watts. This will take the X1200 to be charged from zero to 80% in one hour, while the X2000 will take 1.7 hours.

You can also regulate the AC charging rate of the batteries from 0W to 1000W on the product’s mobile app or settings interface.

By the way, the devices have different solar charging inputs.

The smaller LFP unit has a 1200W MPPT charger, while its NCM sibling has only an 850W solar charging input. You can use the brand’s own 400W Montek SP400 folding solar panels to charge them from the sunlight or any other solar panels.

They also support 120-watt car charging.

Montek X1200 And X2000 Side by Side

Standalone Extra Batteries

The external batteries of both the X1200 and X2000 have their own solar and AC charging inputs, apart from a number of DC outputs like USB-C 100W, 65W, and USB-A 24W ports. The AC input of the add-on batteries is limited to 600 watts, while the solar charging input is the same as its respective mother unit.

Overall, you can use the extra batteries as your own to power your handsets and other USB devices.

Montek X1200 And X2000 With Microwave

Montek X1200 and X2000: The Price and Release Date

Montek is to launch the new series of its suitcase solar generators on Indiegogo sometime this fall. The original model of the suitcase solar generator was also launched through crowdfunding, where it could attract a lot of backers and a large fan base.

View the Monteks on Indiegogo Here

Montek X1200 And X2000 Display

Well, the price of the new models is expected to remain below $1000 as part of early bird perks on Indiegogo. As we know so far, the X1200 will be on sale for around $850, while its elder sibling is priced at around $1000. We will update the exact price and release date of the models as soon as we get them here. Stay tuned.


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