PlanetCare 2.0 Microplastic Filter: A Non-Electric Washing Machine Filter to Keep the Oceans from Microfiber

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The famous microplastic filter startup PlanetCare has launched the second edition of its much-touted microfiber-catching washing machine filter, the PlanetCare 2.0.

The new filter, as per the brand, comes with a number of upgraded features, including an advanced safety valve and a bypass facility for users to select filtering modes for different garment types.

As per the maker, this circular, non-electric filter is capable of removing almost 98% of tiny microplastic particles from your laundry. Studies show that a large chunk of microplastic that reaches the oceans is from washing machine wastewater, and this cool device from PlanetCare can put an end to it.

Well, the core concept behind the PlanetCare microfiber filtration is that the startup collects dirty filter cartridges and cleans up the microplastic-filled filters in a controlled environment. The refurbished cartridge is then sent back to the user for reuse with new filters.

What is PlanetCare 2.0?

It is the second edition of PlanetCare’s washing machine microplastic filter.

The non-electric filter is meant to get rid of microplastic particles from your laundry wastewater and save nature from the large dump of microplastic from your everyday washes.

As you connect it to the washer’s drain and change the filter cartridge, you are ready to go and start filtering. As per its maker, the filter is scientifically proven in different labs to be highly successful in filtering microfiber particles.

The first generation of the product has been in use by over 7,000 users across the world for a while.

PlanetCare 2.0 Vs. PlanetCare Original

The new PlanetCare 2.0, as per the brand, is a totally new product with a number of additions to the overall structure and features.

First things first, the upgraded filter features a safety valve and a bypass option as key features. The safety valve is designed to let wastewater bypass the cartridge when the filter is full. Also, users can choose the bypass option while washing different garment types like wool, cotton, and so on.

There are also some significant structural changes to the very design of the filter.

The new cartridge is rather lightweight, soft, and long-lasting.

Moreover, the overall capacity of the filter is further increased, so it can process more wastewater at a time, and recycled materials are used to design the new version of the filter.

PlanetCare 2.0 Microplastic Filter

PlanetCare 2.0 Price and Availability

PlanetCare 2.0 has been launched on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign, where you can buy it at a discounted price of around $30 as an early bird offer.

The startup would like to ship the product to backers across the world in December 2023.

Various bundles of filters are available on Kickstarter with different numbers of filters, cartridges, and drain hoses.

As of this writing, more than 400 people have pre-booked the product on Kickstarter, with around 30 more days to go before the campaign ends. Check it out on Kickstarter here.

Check out the DesignWeek article on PlanetCare 2.0 here.


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