Jackery and XTool Team Up To Sell The Combo Of Explorer Power Stations And The XTool F1 Dual Laser Engraver

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Jackery, the famous portable power station maker, has partnered with XTool, the leading innovator of laser engravers and laser cutters. You can buy the combos of the Jackery Explorer power stations with XTool’s best-selling F1 portable IR + diode laser engraver at the most affordable prices.

The xTool dual laser engraver is available in bundles with Jackery’s popular Explorer 500 and Explorer 1000 power stations. This will make you unleash your creativity in engraving anywhere, anytime, as it is easier for DIY crafters to engrave a piece of art on any material, just in front of customers on a street or in a camping spot without a power connection.

As per Jackery, the 518 Wh Explorer 500 can run an XTool F1 for up to five hours, while its elder sibling, the Explorer 1000, can support it for up to nine hours continuously.

View the Jackery + xTool Combo Products Here

Along with the xTool engraver, you can also use the Jackery batteries to charge and run other devices like a desktop purifier, phones, tablets, and laptops at the same time.

Thanks to the portable designs of both the power station and the laser engraver, you get a handy and on-the-go combo. You can just carry the devices in both your hands and take them anywhere to amaze your customers and friends by unleashing your creativity right anywhere.

The Jackery and XTool Combo Prices

The combo of the Jacekry E500 and the xTool FI carries an early bird price of $1899, which is a significant cut from the original price of the devices, $2498.

If you get the engraver with the E1000 power station, the cost is $2159, which is above $3000 if bought in separate units.

View the Jackery + xTool Combo Products Here

What is xTool F1?

The xTool F1 is a 2-in-1 portable IR and diode laser engraver that you can use to print incredible crafts and custom designs on a wide range of materials in a smart and effortless way.

It comes with dual lasers: a 10W diode and a 2W infrared laser to cover different metallic, wooden, and cloth materials.

View the xTool F1 Laser Engraver on Amazon Here

The IR laser makes it perfect for engraving designs on metal items like gold, silver, copper, platinum, and more. Meanwhile, the included diode laser lets you print on wood, leather, glass, ceramics, slate, and more.

With an engraving speed of 4000 mm/s, the F1 is indeed one of the fastest of its kind on the market. It supports your phone, tablet, and laptop to feed the designs for engraving. The device, as you can see, is a very portable and compact one, and it comes pre-assembled.

Check out a complete hands-on review of the xTool F1 on MellowPine here.

What is Jackery?

Jackery is one of the leading brands in the market for portable, lithium-based battery packs.

The brand has on sale a wide range of solar-chargeable power stations, including the Explorer 500 and Explorer 1000.

These compact and portable batteries have been the favorites of campers and outdoor enthusiasts for a long time.

Bundled with the xTool F1 laser engravers, you get the Jackery power stations at the best prices, and you can seamlessly enjoy engraving anywhere, anytime, without the need for a power connection.


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