MChaos Wearable Power Bank: An On-the-Go Charging Solution

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There are a lot of innovative charging solutions on the market. Here, we have an incredible, hands-free, and wearable charging solution called the MChaos wearable power bank.

MChaos is a 5000 mAh ultra-compact power bank with a chic design that makes you easily wear it on your wrist or rug it up to your backup while hiking, cycling, biking, or more. When you need a recharge for your phone, you can just pull out the cable and charge it from its 20-watt fast charging port.

The innovative charger features a hook to let you effortlessly attach it to your backpack or bag while on the go. With a weight of just 180 g, the MChaos is an outstanding on-the-go charger, as its carrying will never be a burden for you.

The MChaos charger has been launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, where its early bird price starts at $45, which, as per the brand, is around 40% off of its retail price. The brand plans to start shipping to the backers in November 2023.

As of this writing, nearly 300 backers have backed the project, with 25 days left for the campaign to end.


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