Goal Zero New Products 2023: The Goal Zero Skylight Portable Area Light and an Upcoming Home Battery?

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Goal Zero, the premier player in the market for solar power stations, is all set to launch a new product after a long time. Weeks after launching its new Skylight portable area light, the brand has announced that it is about to launch a new power station with the title. “The Wait is Almost Over.”

Goal Zero says the “newest product is almost here, and it’s something special,” and has mentioned it as a beast in a teaser video. The official launch of the product, which I think will most likely be a big, whole-house modular power station with a new battery architecture, is to take place on Oct. 3, 2023.

Update: October 3, 2023: Goal Zero has launched its new product. It is the Yeti Pro 4000, the brand’s first LiFePO4 modular power station with a 3.9 kWh battery that can be expanded up to 20 kWh using up to four units of the brand’s TankPro 4000 expansion modules. The inverter is a 3600-watt unit with a surge capacity of up to 7200 watts, and it can be charged from a solar source of up to 3000 watts, which is much faster than its last-generation lithium batteries. 

Fine, the new Goal Zero product, if it is a whole-house modular battery, will be taking on Bluetti’s brand-new EP800, EcoFlow’s Delta Pro whole-house power station, Zendure’s SuperBase V, and so on.

Since the release of its much-touted Yeti lithium line a couple of years ago, the brand hasn’t launched a new power station, and during that period, its competitors like EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Jackery launched a handful of innovative solar power stations with advanced LiFePO4 and modular battery packs.

Goal Zero Skylight Portable Area Light

Goal Zero Skylight Portable Area Light

The Skylight is a newly launched Goal Zero product in 2023. It is a portable, camping-friendly area light that you can easily set up anywhere on the included tripod and light up an area of up to 300 feet with its 6,000 lumens of lighting.

The Skylight is actually the brand’s next addition to its series of camping and outdoor lights.

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This model is powered by a built-in battery of 33 Wh, and you can also run it from the brand’s Yeti solar power stations. With six LED panels, the light can blast out incredible brightness to make camping and outdoor activities brighter and rather enjoyable.

The Goal Zero light has four modes of lighting, and you can angle the LED panels outwards to cover a larger area. Further, the light also allows telescoping of 12 feet from the tripod, so you can increase the coverage area further.

Overall, as its name suggests, you get a light from the sky to seamlessly light up your outdoor spaces, along with a bigger Yeti battery in your camping gear collection.

DigitalTrends’ Simon Sage has had a chance to play around with the Goal Zero light for camping and emergencies. Check out his take on the Skylight here; he was excited to see how the light could brighten up an entire hallway when the emergency power of the building was not working.

The internal battery of the light can run for up to eight hours at the lowest brightness mode.

It has a water-resistant design, so you can use it in various outdoor conditions and in the backyard with no worry.


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