Bluetti AC2A and AC70: The New Compact LiFePO4 Solar Power Stations

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Bluetti has added two more impressive models to its extensive collection of solar-chargeable portable power stations. Called the AC2A and AC70, these are two compact models for portable, off-grid, and on-the-go applications.

The new Bluetti battery packs are expected to be available on its website in the first week of November 2023 – yes, just ahead of Bluetti’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 sales.

The smallest of the duo, the AC2A, is a 204.8 Wh LFP battery with a 300W inverter, while the other one, the AC70, is a 768 Wh battery with a 1000W inverter.

As per Bluetti, the models highlight a Power-Lifting Mode (surge output), which means you can use the batteries to run bigger appliances of up to 600 watts and 2000 watts, respectively.

View the AC70 on the Bluetti Website Here | Amazon Here
View the AC2A on the Bluetti Website Here | Amazon Here

Bluetti Power Lifting Mode

You can charge the small model with a solar input of up to 200 watts, while the second model can be charged with a solar power of up to 500 watts. The AC charging inputs of the models are 240 watts and 850 watts, which makes them charge up to 80% from zero in just 45 minutes.

As you may know, solar charging is dependent on several factors, like the connected output, sun availability, and more.

The models, respectively, have six and seven charging outputs, which include a pair of AC sockets.

Bluetti Solar Charging for AC2A and AC70

Are the New Models Expandable?

Yes, like all the other models, the new Bluetti power stations are expandable to some extent. You can pair the AC70 with the brand’s B80, B230, and B300 expansion models, while the AC2A goes with the B80 in Power Bank Mode only.

Bluetti AC2A and AC70 Price & Release Date

As of this writing on October 20, 2023, Bluetti has just announced the new models and launched the product images and specs on its website.

The new AC70 will hit stores on November 2, 2023, for a price of $499, while its younger sibling will be on sale for a price as low as $170, which will make it one of the cheapest solar power stations over there.

We will update the buying links for the little devices here once we have them available.

It makes sure that the new Bluetti models will be on sale during Bluetti’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 deals.

Bluetti AC2A Vs. Bluetti AC70

Bluetti AC2A Vs. AC70

The new Bluetti batteries are mainly different in terms of the battery capacity and the inverter.

The former is a 300-watt mini power station, while the latter is a compact model with a 1000-watt inverter.

With its small and ultralight design, you can ideally use the AC2A for all types of portable and camping requirements, while the AC70 is a bit larger but is still good for easy use in your outdoor events.


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