Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller: A Smarter Way to Keep Your Lawn Green by Saving 30% of Water

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Moen, the famous innovator of kitchen and bath faucets, has turned up with a cool gardening accessory in the form of a smart sprinkler controller. Officially unveiled at CES 2023, the new Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller with a fleet of accessories can help you smartly manage lawn watering with less water – around 30% less than the current way of watering.

Well, with its award-winning portfolio of interior water control solutions such as the Smart Sump Pump Monitor and the Velocity Showerhead, Moein has taken its technology to the yard with the sprinkler controller for smart lawn watering. Of course, with the product, Moen will be competing with the brands like Rachio, Orbit, and Rain Bird.

The Moen Sprinkler Controller works with the brand’s Smart Wireless Soil Sensors, which help the system identify the soil moisture and temperature at various levels and manage the flow of water in accordance with the dataset.

The Moen Sprinkler Controller appears in two-zone options; 8 and 16 models. As it is with any other smart water sprinkler, you can obviously have total control of the irrigation system via the Moen Smart Water App. Have a quick glance at the specs and features of the sprinkler below.

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller at a Glance

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller Image

  • 8-Zone and 16-Zone Sprinkler Controllers.
  • Independent Zone Control and Irrigation Scheduling.
  • Optional Moen Smart Wireless Soil Sensors.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control.
  • Compatible with Moen Flow Smar Water Montiro and Shutoff. 
  • Easy to Install – DIY Installation in 30 Minutes. 
  • Full Control of the System via the Moen Smart Water App.
  • Waterproof Outdoor Enclosure Case.

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller System – Overview

The Moen sprinkler controllers look to be the best solutions you can deploy in your lawns to have perfect control of watering in a fully automatic and smart way.

Paired with the Smart Wireless Soil Sensors, you will be able to perfectly set the system as per the ideal watering needs of your lawn soil.

Fine, the sensors can help you continuously observe the soil temperature as well as moisture at various levels and automate the system to work in accordance with the collected dataset.

Moreover, you can also pair the water sprinkler with the brand’s Flow Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff so that adjusting automatic irrigation on multifaced garden surfaces is quite easier.

Moen Smart Sprinkler Price and Release Date

Both the variants of the Smart Sprinkler Controllers and the Wireless Soil Sensors have already appeared on the website of the brand, but they are not yet on sale, as of writing this. Coming to the price, the 8-zone controller is listed at a price of $179.99, while the 160-zone variant comes at $234.99. The water sensor is carrying a price of $69.99.

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