Litheli eWagon W1 Pro: A Power Bank-Powered 132-Lb Electric Utility Cart with 100% Pure Electric Drive

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A battery-powered utility wagon is a cool way for campers and outdoor enthusiasts to carry their heavy luggage without much hassle. We have an incredible Indiegogo-launched solution to perfectly meet the need, i.e., the Litheli EWagon W1 Pro, a 132-pound electric utility cart powered by a power bank.

The EWagon W1 Pro looks to be a strong competitor to the Outisan e-Wagon, which was launched on Indiegogo in 2022. The Litheli cart features a 100% pure electric drive (500W motor), and it can offer variable speeds of 0.6–1.3 m/s (with eight-speed levels) to go with your walking paces.

Litheli eWagon W1 Pro at a Glance

  • Power Bank-Powered 132-Lbs Utility Wagon.
  • 100% Pure Electric Drive with 500W Motor.
  • 74 Wh Removable Power Bank (U-BATTERY).
  • Effortless Climbing Up to 10 Degrees.
  • Multi-Terrain Tires and Strong Build Quality.
  • Instantly Convertible into a Camping Table.
  • Swappable Batteries for Seamless Power.

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Thanks to its 8-inch multi-terrain wheels, it can brilliantly meet your transportation needs during rough camping and hiking trips.

As mentioned above, the Litheli EWagon W1 Pro can carry a cargo load of up to 132 lbs, which is 200 liters in volume. The electric cart is interestingly capable of climbing a height of up to 10 degrees, letting you not worry about taking huge loads up to an elevated location without much heart trembling.

The battery bank that gives the driving force for the Litheli cart is a 74 Wh unit, which is branded as U-BATTERY Plus. With a size of 127.5 × 81.9 × 39.5mm and a weight of just 510 grams, it can deliver seamless portable power not only for the electric cart but also for gadgets like laptops, phones, and cameras in an emergency via its 45W USB-C port.

eWagon Specs (1)

Yet another lovely thing is that you can convert the wagon into a camping table instantly. Making use of the brand’s foldable aluminum tabletop accessory, you get a solid camping table out of the Litheli eWagon. Moreover, it can be folded into a compact size for storage in your RV or car trunk.

Litheli eWagon W1 Pro Price and Availability

The Indiegogo early bird price of the eWagon with a unit of the U Battery starts at $199, which is around 50% off of its retail price of $419.

The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in November 2023.


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