iCarus Solar Balcony System: A Lightweight Solar Balcony System for Terraces and Balconies for Urban Dwellers

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If you are looking for a solar balcony system in the EU region, there are different options to go with, including the ones from EcoFlow and Bluetti, two of the leading solar storage system makers.

Here we have a new product from Italy. That is iCarus, which the brand claims to be the ultimate solar balcony system, and it is expected to be released on Kickstarter sooner. It has already shown up on the crowdfunding platform’s soon-to-come list here.

No date of the Kickstarter launch or price of the product has been revealed yet, but let us have a look at what we already know about the iCarus solar balcony system from the Italian firm Fly Solar Tech Solutions.

iCarus Solar Balcony System Overview

The Fly Tech Solartech balcony module is going to be a lightweight system compared to its glass alternatives over there, according to the company’s product manual.

Made of lightweight composite materials, the solar panels, along with ensuring a higher conversion rate, will be around 70% lighter than traditional or glass-based balcony solar systems.

More specifically, the entire unit of a single kit will weigh just around 13 kg, and it is enough to power a whole house and save you a power bill of around 20%.

A specially designed microinverter and a user-friendly mobile app will make it a reliable system for balcony solar harvesting, and the brand offers a 25-year warranty for solar panels and a decent product warranty.

Check out the specs sheet for the iCarus balcony solar system below.

iCarus balcony solar system specs sheet


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