Harry Herbs Home Garden: A Smart, All-In-One Herbs Planter with Four Growing Options

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We have come across a wide range of smart and cutting-edge home gardens. There are some incredible hydroponic or soil-based home gardens for indoor or outdoor applications. But Harry Herbs is a different one. It is an all-in-one urban-gardening system from the Austrian company Gusta Garden.

Harry Herbs is, in fact, a versatile, four-in-one home garden for both outdoor and indoor use. It smoothly works as a Seed Propagator, a Planter, a Hydroponic Garden, and a Microgreens Planter. The garden was unveiled on Kickstarter for crowdfunding and it is certainly doing quite well there.


Harry Herbs is an ultimate herbs planter with four growing options for all seasons. You can simply use it to grow plants with and without soil, propagate seeds, and grow microgreens. It looks to be one of the first home garden systems that support both soil-based and soil-free hydroponic gardening.

Harry Herbs at a Glance

Harry Herbs Smart Garden

  • 4-in-1 Herbs Planter for Indoor and Outdoor Uses.
  • Seed Propagator with Soil/Compost or Starting Tablets.
  • Herbs Planter With or Without Growing Pots.
  • Hydroponic Garden for Vegetables Without Soil.
  • Microgreen Planter with Seed Mat.
  • Tray with Eight Pots for Hydroponics or Soil Growing.
  • Self-Watering with a Built-in Water Reservoir.
  • Water Level Window and Handy Filling Port.
  • Nursery Lid Holder and Optimum Grip.

Harry Herbs – Key FeaturesHarry Herbs Herbs Planter


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