Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family: The Best Big-Size, All-In-One Indoor Hydroponic Planters

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If you are looking at buying a large-size hydroponic indoor planter, Gardyn and AeroGarden are two key brands to consider. Gardyn is a high-tech, AI-based vertical indoor garden for 30 plants. It has been available on the market for a while with a lot of takers with iHarvest being a top alternative to it.

The Farm is a family of big-size hydroponic gardeners from the famous company AeroGarden. Unlike Gardyn, the Farm Family is not a vertical planter, but you can stack up multiple units to set up a vertical garden.

You get AeroGarden Farm in multiple variants with different heights, but all are basically 24-pod planters, though. The Farm Family has also got multiple 12-plant variants, by the way.

In our take on Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family, we would like to see the key difference between the products. It will help you find the best one to grow veggies, fruits, and greens even in the darkest corner of your interior.


Gardyn Smart Home Garden

Gardyn Indoor Garden

  • 30-Plant Smart Indoor Vertical Garden.
  • Fully-Automatic with Self-Watering and Grow Lights.
  • 30 Seed-Carrying yCubes to Grow Plants Instantly.
  • 6-Gallon Water Tank at the Bottom.
  • AI-Based Mobile App for Full Control.

AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL

AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL

  • 24-Plant Smart Hydroponic Growing Planter. 
  • Energy-Efficient 60W Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights.
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa-Enabled Smart Countertop Garden.
  • High-Resolution Touchscreen Control Panel.
  • Available in Multiple Height Options. 

Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family Hydroponic Gardens

When it comes to hydroponics indoor planters, Gardyn and AeroGarden are the two best players. AeroGarden sells a variety of small and compact countertop gardens.

Its Farm series is, however, are rather bigger planters with the slots for up to 24 plants. It is here Gardyn, with 30 plant slots and an AI-based function, is a real threat to AeroGarden.

In our take on Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family, we would like to check out the key features of both brands and see what will meet your needs in the best way.

Aerogarden Farm Family Hydroponic Gardens

Aerogarden is indeed the most significant innovator of hydroponic home gardens. It has on sale a wide range of countertop indoor planters in the series of Bounty, Harvest, and Sprout. They are respectively 9-pod, 6-pod, and 3-pod indoor growing systems with self-watering units and full-spectrum LED grow lights.

As stated above, the Farm is Aerogarden’s family of big-size indoor planters, which appear in two sizes of 12 pods and 24 pods. The Farm 12 and Farm 12X are the two 12-plant indoor growers with the key difference being in the overall height of the systems.  The Farm 12 is a 34-inch model, while its plus variant is a 46-inch one.

Check Out Farm 12XL Below. 

AeroGarden Farm 12XL Indoor Planter

Likewise, Farm 24 is also available in multiple variants as per the heights of the units. They are namely Farm 24 Basic, Farm 24 Plus, and Farm 24XL with the heights of 24-in, 34-in, and 46-in respectively. All the models have the same footprint of 36 x 14 in and they are also full-fledged, all-in-one indoor growers.

All the AeroGarden Farm indoor planters can grow up to 24 plants five times faster than soil. To achieve this goal, they come up with 60W full-spectrum LED grow lights, and automatic watering facilities.

Check Out Farm 24 Plus Below. 

AeroGarden Farm 24 Plus Indoor Planter

The included lights are two electronically adjustable units and they can ensure sunlight-like lighting over your plants. Like the small AeroGarden planters, you can stack up multiple units of Farm units to boost up your indoor growing potential to more plants.

Like all smart indoor gardeners out there, these units also have Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity. You can access the status and other information of your indoor planters on your phone from anywhere in the world and manage their operation via Alexa integration.

Why Should You Buy

  • 12-Pod and 24-Pod Hydroponic Indoor Growers.
  • All-in-One, Full-Fledged Indoor Growing Systems.
  • Available in Multiple Height Options.
  • Full-Spectrum Grow Lights and Self-Watering Systems.
  • Stylish in Design and Suitable for Your Home Decor.
  • Stackable and Modular Vertical Gardening Solutions. 
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled and Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Gardyn Smart Hydroponic System

Next, in our take on Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family, we need to have a go-through of the Gardyn smart home planter and its features. Of course, a comparison of the AeroGarden Farm planters to Gardyn will give you a clear insight into buying a model that meets your needs ideally.

As said above, Gardyn is an AI-powered vertical indoor planter. Unlike the AeroGarden hydroponic home growing systems, Gardyn is only available in a single variant that you can use to grow up to 30 plants of different varieties in your interior. Check out Gardyn home garden on the link below.

It is a true vertical planter for indoors with a large 6-gallon water tank at the bottom. You get 30 seed-carrying seedpods called yCubes with the garden to start growing plants just out of the box.

You can grow an assortment of plants in Gardyn whether they are herbs, veggies, fruits, flowers, and more.

Thanks to its advanced LED grow lights, and automatic watering systems, your plants will grow richly even in the darkest corner of your interior.

  • 30-Plant Smart Indoor Vertical Garden
  • Fully Automatic System with Self-Watering and Grow Lights
  • 30 Seed-Carrying yCubes to Start Growing Instantly
  • 6-Gallon Water Tank for Self-Watering the Plants
  • AI-Based Mobile App for Total Control
  • An Assortment of Herbs, Veggies, and Fruits

Why to Buy?

What can be the best choice for garden lovers from the Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm hydroponic gardens?

When it comes to AeroGarden, the advantage is that you get multiple variants with various heights, but any of the brand’s products are not true vertical gardens.

Though you can stack multiple models to form a vertical shape, the AeroGarden Farm falls short of Gardyn in this regard. Gardyn is a full-fledged, all-in-one vertical indoor gardener. Also, the Farm family can grow only 24 plants maximum, whereas Gardyn is a 30-plant indoor growing system.

Further, Gardyn stands out with more exciting high-tech features as it is an AI-powered system. It comes up with embedded cameras and a variety of sensors to give you real-time updates on the growth of your plants.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Gardyn Vs AeroGarden Farm Family indoor hydroponics gardens. We have covered all the coolest products from the brands and it is now up to you to decide on buying one.

As a vertical planter for indoors, Gardyn certainly has an edge over the AeroGarden Farm series as you get 30 plant slots for ideal indoor growing at a rather better price.


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