Bluetti AC180P: How is It Different from the Original AC180?

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Bluetti has upgraded its mid-range power station, the AC180. The new model is the AC180P, which hit the market along with a P-series upgrade to its small model, the AC80, which is known as the AC80P.

The P series, as per Bluetti, is the offline edition, but the models are also available on the website.


What difference does the brand-new Bluetti AC180P make from the original AC180?

The Bluetti customers, especially those who recently bought an AC180, are a little bit perplexed to see an upgrade to their pick as early as this. Bluetti seems to be causing some confusion for its customers with different models with almost the same power options every month.

Anyway, let us see how the AC180P is different.

View the AC180P on the Bluetti Website Here
View the AC180 on the Bluetti Website Here

AC180 Vs AC180P

The main difference, I see, is the increase in battery capacity.

The new AC180P has a 1440 Wh LFP battery instead of the AC180’s 1,152 Wh, and both devices have the same output of 1800 watts. Any more changes? The color! Yes, you have the new model with some layers of orange, maybe meant for a fight with Jackery’s alternatives in the offline stores.

Next, the price thing? Yes, for the upgraded battery, you need to pay an extra of around $400. The new model carries a price of $1099, while the old model is being sold for $699.

The new product is added as a variant to the AC180’s product page on the Bluetti page.


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