Bluetti AC180T Vs AC180 Vs AC180P: What Are the Differences?

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Bluetti has stunned its fans at CES 2024 by launching a new compact power station. Called the AC180T, it is a special variant of the AC180 with a pair of hot-swappable batteries.

Yes, you get the new 1433 Wh AC180T with two swappable 716.8 Wh battery packs. The power station is an 1800-watt unit with a powerlifting mode of 2700 watts.

With four AC sockets and an array of other DC and USB charging outlets, it is exactly like the AC180, but the difference is the battery.

This battery is designed to go with the brand’s new portable fridge, the MultiCooler, which is powered by a single battery of AC180T.

Bluetti has introduced the AC180T as part of its SwapSolar ecosystem, which includes the brand’s new MultiCooler portable fridge.

You can just pull out a unit of the fully charged battery and insert it into the bottom room of the cooler to get it running to keep the freshness of your foods and beverages in the wild.

The AC180 is an 1152 Wh battery, while the AC180P is a 1440 Wh battery. Other than the difference in battery sizes, all three power stations have the same inverter and charging inputs and outputs.


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