Bluetti AC200L: A 2400-Watt Upgrade to AC200 Max with Increased Solar and AC Charging Rates

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BLuettis’ famous AC200 Max gets an incredible upgrade with an elevated 2400-watt output, an AC charging input of up to 2400 watts, and a solar charging input of 1200 watts.

The new model, branded AC200L, is expected to be released on November 17, 2023, ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale seasons.


The new Bluetti model also has a lower noise level and Wi-Fi connectivity than its predecessor, and what’s more, you can charge it from a wall socket without an external charging adapter.

View the AC200L on the Bluetti Website Here
View the AC200L on Amazon Here

You can expand the 2,048 Wh battery pack up to 8,192 Wh using three different add-on battery packs: the B210, the B300, and the B230.

The solar charging rate of the machine has been increased to 1200 watts, so you can charge it fully from the sun in just two hours under optimal conditions.

The price of the AC200L has not yet been revealed. We will update the price and other details here as soon as they are available to us. Stay tuned.


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