Washwow 5.0: Electronic Laundry Ball and Laundry Detergent Replacement Washer

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Washwow 5.0 is the fifth upgrade to the Washwow portable mini washing machine. It is a unique, handy, and ultra-portable electronic gadget to deep-wash your clothes without the need for detergents. Washing with detergents always ends up leaving some chemical residue on your garments.

It is here the Washwow electronic laundry ball will help you do your laundry without any detergent. You just need to keep your garments in a sink or a basin with the little washer or put the laundry ball in a regular washing machine to deep-clean with no use of detergents as it works on an innovative electrolysis technology.

Washwow 5.0 is a 2-in-1 solution. You get the much-touted portable washer with a laundry ball. As you see, the mini washing device can be directly put into a bucket full of clothes, while the electronic laundry ball is fine for washing machines. In the first case, it is a hand wash mode and it is electronic laundry ball mode in the second case.


  • Compact, Ultra-Portable Washer.
  • Detergent-Free Washing Solution.
  • Highly Efficient Purification.
  • Rounded Design not to Damage Fabric.
  • Handy and Lightweight Design.


  • Not Good for Stained and Greasy Dresses.
Price and Availability Update: The fifth-gen upgrade of the Washwow portable mini washer was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2021 like all its four predecessors. The project was backed by around 400 contributors and collected as much as 48K USD in the campaign. 

Washwow 5.0 is currently on sale on Amazon along with its former models. The little washing machine has a price of around $150, as of writing this. The product has a lot of takers on Amazon apart from the Kickstarter backers and it is indeed one of the coolest portable mini washers out there.

How Does Washwow Work?

The mini portable washing device works on a technology called water electrolysis, which is a process of separating hydrogen by ending up in the production of active oxygen and hypochlorous acid. The active oxygen is capable of breaking down the organic dirt from your garments and dissolving it in water.

Meanwhile, hypochlorous acid performs the role of purifying and sanitizing cloths, making sure the dirt won’t stick to them and you will get clean garments with no use of detergents. Washwow 5.0 is not meant for the dress only, it is fine for a variety of other items like gym gear, fruits and vegetables, hygiene tools, toys, and more.

Washwow  5.0 Specs

Washwow 5.0 features a diamond-polished design with no corners and edges. The laundry ball is rounded in shape and so it is not going to make any damage to your precious fabric as well as the washing machine. You can charge the mini washer at a voltage of 5V 1-2A and it has a rated power of 24W.

The device is smaller and lighter as it weighs just 265 g and it measures 76 x 76 x 48 mm. You can easily take it in your backpack or bag and enjoy detergent-free washing anywhere.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Washwow 5.0 little portable washer. It is a superb product of its kind. We are all used to cleaning clothes with strong detergents and getting them with nasty chemical residue. It is here a product like Washwow 5.0 can change the way we have been familiar with the habit of washing.


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