Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box: World’s Most Convenient 36-Piece Camp Kitchen Utensils Set

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The Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box (K.U.B) is a complete camp kitchen in a box. Packing up 36 pieces of stainless-steel, functional camping utensils, you will no longer have a cluttered camping experience. The portable camping kitchen cook set has everything you require to make your cooking and eating convenient outdoors.

You no longer need to search for a regular camp kitchen set on Amazon. The K.U.B is a super cool pack of all the essential utensils for your camping, RVing, Overlanding, and tailgating events. You get an awesome collection of food-grade utensils in a single box, including plates, bowls, cups, frying pan, grill, kettle, table cover, and more.

All are packed safely inside a compact and heavy-duty ABS box, which has got caster wheels to make you move it anywhere as easily as your camping cooler or power station. Thanks to its small size, you can comfortably keep it in your car trunk, and having a set of durable steel utensils, it also saves nature from no more plastic dumps.

Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box at a Glance 

Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box KUB



  • 36-Piece Camp Kitchen in a Box.
  • Convenient Camping Cookware Set.
  • Ultra-Compact Gearbox for Easy Moving.
  • Quick to Load and Easy to Pack.
  • Stainless-Steel, Food-Grade Utensils.
  • Long-Lasting and Durable Utensils. 

  • Available for Pre-Order Only. 
  • Shipping Expected in May 2023.
Price and Release Date Update: The K.U.B camp cook set has been launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding in July 2022. Its early bird pricing starts at $250 after a discount of 40% off its retail price.

Its maker expects to start shipping it to the backers by May 2023 only. The project has already attracted over 50 backers, as of writing this. Pre-order a unit of the portable camping kitchen on the link below. 


Disclaimer: Being a product seeking crowdfunding, this may currently exist in a prototype only. A design change, delivery delay, and even price differences can be expected for crowdfunded projects by when they are ready for shipping after mass production.

Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box Overview

The K.U.B is a complete bundle of essential kitchen utensils for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The lovely thing is that all the items in the box are in full-kitchen sizes, not the backpacker or solo-sized utensils. Still, the kit is 20% lighter than what you will get with a kit of the same items from your regular kitchen.

Some of the main items in the K.U.B camp utensil kit are a 12-in stainless-steel grill grate, a 1.4L kettle with coffee percolator, a 10-in frypan, a food-grade cutting sheet, a spatula, four 10-in plates, and as many forks, knives, spoons, double wall bowls, and more. Check out the picture below to get the complete list.

Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box what is included

Warden Outdoors Kitchen Utensil Box Vs Regular Utensil Sets

Of course, you can find a wide range of camping-friendly kitchen utensil sets on the market. A lot of vendors have on sale different packages of essential cooking and eating utensils. The important thing that makes the Warden Outdoors K.U.B utensil kit is that it comes in a solid and durable box, not small bags or backpack-style packages.

The number of utensils is also a factor that gives an edge to the K.U.B. Carrying 36 pieces of kitchen wear, you are lucky to make your outdoor trips more enjoyable with no worry about forgetting a fork or a bottle opener.

  • Perfect Camping Cookware Set for Families and Groups.
  • Rustproof, Waterproof, and Harness-Friendly Design.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Rope-Friendly Box.
  • Made of High-Quality Materials for Long Life. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Warden Outdoors K.U.B camp utensil kit. It is indeed a cool product of the kind as it packs all the essential items you will require to prepare and eat dishes in the wilderness. The highly durable and long-lasting utensils also stop you from further carrying disposable spoons, plates, and forks to ruin the purity of nature. Share your thoughts about the all-in-one camper kitchen kit in the comments below.


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