Vitaloop Filter Bottle: A One-Touch, On-the-Go Filter Bottle with 5-Stage Filtration, Including Graphene and Bromine Halogen Filters

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A reliable and trustable portable water purification solution is the need of the hour for campers, hikers, and all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

We certainly have different types of portable water filter systems, including filter bottles, on the market, but this innovative product with cutting-edge 5-stage filtration from Vitalopp looks to be an awesome product of its kind.


The one-touch bottle enables you to collect water from any murky sources in the wild, as it can purify it instantly by employing its five advanced filtration processes, which include a unique graphene filter and a bromine halogen filter, other than the commonly seen activated carbon filter and a mesh filter.

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There is also a precision Japanese microfilter that can purify the collected water to a microscopic level, and to your surprise, all these processes take place in just 45 seconds. Can you believe it?

That is all that the makers of the bottle have cleverly packed up in this little portable water filter that costs just $100, thanks to the early bird pricing on Kickstarter.

We would like to explore everything we know about the Kickstarter-launched Vitaloop water bottle filter here. Read on.

Vitaloop Filter Bottle: How Does It Work?

After refilling the water in your bottle, you can just press a button.

You can collect water from any open or public source, like river water, tap water, and more. You are still safe with the Vitaloop, as it processes the water into clean drinking water in a matter of time.

As you press the button, the water undergoes the filtration process, which ends in less than a minute, and you are ready to drink pure water that has exactly the same quality as purified water from expensive water filtration systems back at your home.

There is a protective pouch inside that bottle that is where the refilled water is stored, so you have the previously filtered water unaffected there, letting you drink it anytime with no straw and no waiting.

Vitaloop Filter Bottle Filtration Stages

Vitaloop Filter Bottle Infographics

Vitaloop: Kickstarter Price and Release Date

The super early bird price of the filter bottle is $89 on Kickstarter, which, as per the brand, is a 55% discount from its retail price of $199.

The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in December 2023.

As of this writing, a couple of days after the campaign kicked off, nearly 150 backers have supported the project on the crowdfunding platform.

With 47 more days to go, I feel that it is going to attract more users who will most likely be outdoor enthusiasts.


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