Totam Planter: A Smart, Modular, Automated Vertical Garden for Indoors

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The Totam planter is a modular, self-watering smart home garden for indoors. With an assortment of building modules that can grow different types of plants, you can build your smart home garden with Totam and place it on a kitchen countertop, an upwall, or a regular wall.

Being a modular vertigal garden, Totam mainly features three modules for growing plants. They are vertical modules, horizontal modules, and microgreen modules.


Besides the modules, the garden comes with a pair of 12W grow bar lights with a “grow mode.” That means the light bars can double as ambient lights for lighting your garden at night at 1W each.

The Totam planter was launched on Kickstarter, where you can preorder a kit of the modular vertical garden for around $139. In the first reward, you get a Totam planter, grow bars, four vertical modules, four-pot inserts with their lids, and 10 grow pods, apart from a nutrient starter kit.

Totam Planter at a Glance

  • Modular, Self-Watering Vertical Indoor Garden.
  • Multiple Building Modules for Various Plants.
  • Two 12W LED Grow Light “Grow Bars.”
  • Patent-Pending Self-Water Technology.
  • 5X Faster Plant Growth and Low Water Use.
  • Compact and Stylish Modular Indoor Garden.

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Totam Planter for Home Gardening

Totam Planter Features

Totam Planter Modules

The vertical modules form the top parts of the garden, and they are meant to grow tall plants, trailing plants, and climbing plants. Hence, they are good for growing tomatoes, strawberries, and ivy plants. Well, a unit of Totam supports four vertical modules.

Horizontal modules are meant to grow bushy plants, and you can grow up to 16 plants.

The microgreen modules, as their names clearly suggest, can be used to grow microgreens. The Totam’s innovative design makes it easy to grow the highly nutritious microgreens in the required quantities for a family.

Totam Planter Modules

Stylishly designed, the modular garden is good not only for growing food items but also for decorative plants. Thanks to its patent-pending self-watering system, the hydroponic garden will make your home look epic.

Unlike some other popular smart home gardening systems, Totam is an open system, and it allows you to use your own seeds, grow medium, and nutrients, even if the company has its own uniquely designed, affordable grow pods and other components.

The home garden is built with premium-quality materials like BPA-free plastic, bamboo structures, aluminum grow bars, and more.

Like all similar smart home gardens, you can have full control of the system on the Totam app.

Apart from using the app to set up the system, you can definitely enjoy notifications on different readings, like lower water levels, lighting, plant growth status, and more.

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