The New Rise Garden: The New Hydroponic Smart Garden from Rise Gardens Unveiled at CES 2023

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The New Rise Garden is the new smart hydroponic indoor garden from Rise Gardens, the famous maker of smart home gardens for the all-season growing of essential greens indoors. Unveiled at CES 2023, the garden is capable of growing up to 108 plants of different varieties.

The New Rise Garden is a full-featured modular hydroponic smart garden with self-watering and growing lights. You can grow all types of plants in it, including rooted veggies, flowering plants, leafy greens, and vining plants.

Like all similar smart hydroponic gardens, the Rise Garden requires only a little amount of water for growing plants indoors. As per Rise Gardens, its new smart garden needs 90% less water than traditional soil-based growing.

The New Rise Garden at a Glance

The New Rise Garden from Rise Gardens

  • Modular Smart Home Garden with Three Levels.
  • 36 Plants Per Level to Get a Total of 108 Plants.
  • 30W LED Full-Spectrum Lights to Mimic Sunlight.
  • 9-Gallon Water Reservoir for Automatic Watering.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Remote Access to the Smart Garden.
  • Amazon Alex Voice Control Support.

The New Rise Garden was granted the prestigious CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the category of Food and Agriculture Technology.

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and a number of smart and fully automatic features, you can monitor the status of the plants from anywhere, anytime.



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