SuperCloset Vs Grobo Vs Vivosun: The Best Indoor Grow Systems and Grow Boxes

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The practice of growing your own foods and herbs is a trend today. You no longer need to make it into the outdoors for home gardening. The modern growing tents and other growing systems will help you do that smoothly in the comfort of your interior.

There are several brands that sell innovative, top-of-the-class home gardening solutions such as growing tents and mini-greenhouses. Here, we would like to have a look at three popular brands in our take on SuperCloset Vs Grobo Vs Vivosun.

These brands sell a wide range of regular, advanced, and premium growing tents. Of course, you can use them to grow different types of plants such as veggies, flowers, green leaves, and more. Stay tuned for our detailed go-through of the best indoor grow systems and grow boxes.


SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 5′ x 9′ Grow Room

SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 5′ x 9′ Grow Room


  • 5 x 9 Ft Medium-Size Smart Grow Tent.
  • All-in-One, Turn-Key Growing Station.
  • Premium Activated Carbon Air Filter.
  • Hydroponic and Soil-Based Options.
  • Price: $4100. 

Vivosun 10 x 10 Grow Tent 120 x 120 x 80 in

Vivosun 10 x 10 Grow Tent 120 x 120 x 80 in


  • 10 X 5 Ft Complete Home Growing Tent.
  • Ideal for 24 to 36 Pieces of Indoor Plants.
  • Made of Highly Durable 600D Oxford Cloth.
  • Multi-Size Vents and Observation Window.
  • Price: $560

Grobo Premium Grow Box

Grobo Premium Grow Box

  • Fully-Automatic Indoor Gardening Tent.
  • Automatic Nutrient Dosing, and pH Levelling.
  • Responsive, 6-Spectrum LED Grow Lights.
  • 10L Water Tank with Deep Water Culture.
  • Price: $2000

SuperCloset Vs Grobo Vs Vivosun Grow Tents

In our take on SuperCloset Vs Grobo Vs Vivosun, we would like to have a detailed look at the best complete grow tents. All the brands have been offering quality growing tents for a while. We will check out the best models to make you have a glimpse at them before you buy one.

SuperCloset Grow Boxes

SuperCloset, also known as SuperPonics is a prominent vendor of seed-to-harvest growing tents in multiple varieties. Its line of growing tents includes an awesome collection of soil, hydroponic, and core growing systems that can make your indoor gardening experience simple and fun.

SuperBox, SuperStar, SuperFlower, SuperNova, SuperTrinity, and SueprDeluxe are a few of the cool SuperCloset growing tents to name. The main attraction is that you have its portfolio of premium, compact grow tents in several sizes to meet your requirements perfectly.

SuperCloset SuperNova Flower Smart Grow Closet 46 x 24 x 78

In general, the brand has two types of products; compact grow cabinets and large growing tents. The cabinets are small, but full-fledged growing systems with a size starting at 18 x 24 x 30 in, whereas the bigger one of the series, SuperTrinity, measures 94 x 28 x 78 in.

In the meantime, its growing tents are large growing stations. The starting model has a size of 2 x 4 ft, while the top-end model has dimensions of 9 x 9 ft. Most of the models in both series appear in soil, hydroponic, and core variants so that you have a wide range of products to choose from.

Check out SuperCloset SuperRoom Grow Tent (5 x 9 ft) Below. 

SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 5′ x 9′ Grow Room


The hydroponic growing tents of SuperCloset feature the brand’s much-touted triple hydro design, which combines automated top feeding, AeroPonics, and deep-water culture. Meanwhile, its soil-based growing tents pack sturdy food-safe plastic pots, moisture meters, and more.

Finally, as you see, the SuperCloset Core grow tents come with no growing medium and also they don’t have pH kits, clip fans, and power outlets. They are actually core bundles of growing tents with essential accessories such as grow lights, fans, carbon filters, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • All-In-One, Seed-to-Harvest Indoor Growing Systems.
  • Compact and Large-Size Growing Tents and Cabinets.
  • Hydroponic, Soil, and Medium-Free Growing Tents.
  • Available in Multiple Variants with Different Sizes.

Vivosun Grow Tents

Vivosun is another top vendor of indoor growing tents. The California-based firm supplies a wide range of affordable growing tents to growers across the world. Compared to the SuperCloset grow tents, you get several affordable and smaller options from Vivosun.

Available in different sizes, starting with a 2 x 2 model, Vivosun has several grow tents on sale.

Like the SuperCloset models, the Vivosun grow tents are also complete kits of growing stations. Besides the grow tents, they pack up LED grow lights, CFM inline duct fans, protective glasses, carbon filters, ducting with clamps, elastic trellis, grow bags, and more.


All the Vivosun growing tents are made of durable Oxford cloth, heavy-duty zippers, and other quality materials. Of course, the brand guarantees you highly durable and leak-free tents with longer lifespans to let you enjoy indoor gardening in a reliable way.

Thanks to the all-iron metal framing, the structures have strong support so that you can hang lights and fans hassle-free. The grow tents also incorporate observation windows, multi-size ventilations, and filter straps to hang the filters.

The prices of the Vivosun grow lights range from $300 to $1300. Apart from the grow tents, the brand is also known for its incredible collection of LED grow lights, ventilation systems, and a variety of other seedling and gardening equipment.

Why Should You Buy

  • Wide Range of Affordable Growing Tents.
  • Complete Grow Kits with All Required Accessories.
  • Durable Oxford Cloth and Heavy-Duty Zippers.
  • Easy-to-Open Observation Windows and Vents.

Grobo Grow Box

Finally, we have Grobo’s premium-quality grow box.

The Grobo is a fully-automated, hydroponic indoor gardening station that you can use to grow a variety of your plants with no hassle. It comes up with several attractive features like automatic dosing of nutrients, automated balancing of pH levels, and responsive LED grow lighting.

The Grobo grow tent features a 6-spectrum LED grow light for ideal lighting over your plants, an internal fan, and a smell-reducing carbon filter. The water tank for its hydroponic system is a 10L one, and it features an air pump for deep water culture.


Grobo Premium has got a fluid glass, which will help you see the plants through without opening the door. The garden tent has also got another variant called, Grobo Solid, which features a solid door to keep the grow light inside to ensure higher yields.

The smart garden tent comes up with an exclusive mobile app. It will make you monitor the plant growth from anywhere. You can track important information like nutrient dosage timing, watering status, etc. with just a tap on your phone.

The grow tent is easy to clean and maintain. With the smell-proof profile and silent operation, the Grobo turns out to be an ideal choice for your indoor growing. It has a size of 14 x 14 x 48 in with a growing height of 28 in and it weighs 64 lbs.

Why Should You Buy

  • Fully-Automatic Indoor Gardening Grow Tent.
  • 6-Spectrum, Responsive LED Grow Lights.
  • Fluid Glass to See Plants Without Opening.
  • Automatic Nutrient Dosing and pH Maintaining.
  • Exclusive Mobile App to Monitor Plant from Anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on SuperCloset Vs Grobo Vs Vivosun. We have had a look at all the best-seller models of the brands’ impressive grow tents for indoor growing. All the brands have got some outstanding products to make indoor gardening a simple and fun experience.


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