Stack & Sprout Vertical Smart Garden: A Modular Patio Garden with a Smart Watering System

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The creators of the noted underwater fishing camera, the GoFish Cam, have emerged with a special product for urban gardening. Called the Stack & Sprout, it is a modular, vertical gardening system for patios with a smart watering solution.

The hydroponic garden looks like a cool alternative to the Mr. Stacky Smart Farm, with a more finished and systematic design. This is an all-in-one patio gardening system that you can use to grow a variety of homegrown plants like greens, fruits, and veggies.


The creators of the planter, Nicholas Chepesiuk, and Brandon Austin, and the couple entrepreneurs, Marie and Ryan, have launched the product on Kickstarter as their first product for crowdfunding.

View the Stack and Sprout Vertical Garden Here

The smart gardening system is priced around $200 on the platform for the first comers, and the team expects to start shipping it to the backers in December 2023.

Similar to all such smart gardening systems, the key advantage of the Stack & Sprout is that you don’t need to have a green thumb to grow your favorite plants at home. Designed for patio and balcony use, it can also be a piece of attraction over there with fully grown plants.

The modular design lets you set up your own gardens with the brand’s patent-pending plant pod.

The entire planter will take up only a room of 1×1 square feet, but you can grow multiple plants of different varieties and grow them with little worry as the system requires minimal maintenance.

Being a hydroponic garden, the Stack & Sprout garden has a water tank at the bottom, and it will direct water from the base to the top, letting the roots absorb water and nutrients required for growing.

Well, as per the designers of the products, the roots get a “rainfall effect,” as they capture the required elements for rich and robust growth in the innovative patio smart gardening system.


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