Sol-Grow Solar Grow Light: A Solar-Powered Grow Light for Six Hours of Supplemental Lighting

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A solar-powered LED growing light for outdoor gardening can be an incredible idea. Even in regions with plenty of sunlight, the sun-hungry plants and crops find it hard to get adequate natural lighting for better growing and fruiting.

It is here that a solar-powered grow light with some additional hours of grow lighting can help your plants grow lushly and produce better yields. That is what OmniPV has realized through a product called Sol-Grow, which is a solar-powered outdoor gardening light.

The Sol-Grow is a two-in-one smart solar growing light. It combines a 40-watt solar panel with a pair of powerful LED grow lights. Backed by a 140 Wh LiFePO4 battery, the system can store power during the day and is capable of lighting the 10-watt LED grow lights for up to six hours after the sunset.

It gives your plants some extra hours for photosynthetic activity, letting them grow and yield better. As you can see, the light is more useful for outdoor cultivation in places where the sunlight is limited. The product was launched on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for around $150.

The Sol-Grow Solar Grow Light at a Glance

  • Solar Grow Light for Outdoor Gardens.
  • Supplemental Lighting of Six Hours. 
  • 40W PV Panel and 140Wh Battery.
  • A Couple of 10W LED Grow Lights.
  • Solid Metal Pole and Ground Screws.
  • Floral and Universal Versions.

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Sol-Grow Solar Grow Light Overview

The Sol-Grow solar growing light is indeed one of the first of its kind. The system is designed to offer six hours of supplemental lighting for your plants that require a lot of natural light for ideal growth.

As per the studies, the sun-loving plants can grow better and produce more yields if they are given extra hours of growing light. We have a wide range of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse uses.

This model from OmniPV is waterproof and powered by a solar panel. So you can install it anywhere in your outdoor garden, where you don’t even need grid connectivity for power as it runs on solar power and packs a decently powerful battery.

Also, the solar light needs very little maintenance because it features automatic on and off facilities. It will indeed make things rather easier for a gardener to maintain the plants lushly and the overall garden in good and green condition.

The Solar-Grow solar light comes in two versions: Universal for all types of plants and Floral for flowering plants. As you can see, these are two different lighting spectra for the specified types of plants to produce the best results.

Image Credit: The Kickstarter Campaign Page


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