Smart Garden Amazon Prime Day Deals: Aerogarden, Click & Grow, Idoo and Gardyn Deals 2022

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is around the corner. It is the best time to buy your favorite smart home garden systems at the best prices. In this article on smart garden Amazon Prime Day deals, we would like to update you on the hottest deals you can expect during the Prime Day sale season that comes on Tuesday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 13.

A smart gardening system is an amazing way you can grow your favorite veggies, greens, and fruits simply in your kitchen or your interiors even if you don’t have a green thumb or any gardening experience.

A lot of brands offer a variety of smart gardening systems that include small countertop gardens to big-size tower gardens with advanced technologies like self-watering and LED grow lighting solutions.

To name a few, we have brands like AeroGarden, Idoo, Click and Grow, and Gardyn. All these brands will be having their products with impressive deals during the two-day Amazon shopping frenzy.

Aerogarden Amazon Prime Day Deals

Aerogarden is one of the best-sellers of smart gardening systems and the brand has on display an awesome variety of home gardens. Its product portfolio spreads out in the series of Farm Family, Bounty Family, Harvest Family, and Bounty and so you can surely find a cool model from the brand with some cool Prime Day deals.

The Aerogarden Farm Family is a series of big-size home gardens with two sizes to accommodate 12 and 24 plant pods. The Bounty, Harvest, and Sprout series are respectively 9-plant, 6-plant, and 3-plant smart gardening systems by the way. The Bounty series is the top seller of all the Aerogarden products.

The Bounty line-up appears in several variants namely Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite, and in a lot of color options. Check out some of the hot Aerogarden smart garden prime day deals below.

Bounty Elite @8% Off Farm 24Plus @6% Off Sprout @$20 Off
AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL

Meanwhile, the Farm Family appears in the variants of Farm 12XL, Farm 24 Basic, Farm 24 Plus, and Farm 24XL with different unique and special features. These are 12-pod and 24-pod home gardens that integrate high-tech indoor-garden friendly technologies.

All these Aerogarden home gardens are equipped with the best technologies to make them produce the best crops even in the darkest corner of your interior. They have got built-in LED grow lights, automatic watering systems, and connectivity with the mobile app to give you remote access to the plant and plant care data.


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