SHOWR Shower Filter: An Innovative NSF42 Shower Filter for Pure and Clean Showers

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The purity and cleanliness of your shower water are of utmost importance to your healthy lifestyle. If you are worried about the hardness of the water or the presence of chlorine or any other impurities in your shower water, the SHOWR NSF42 shower filter can be a great solution for you.

The SHOWR is a compact and advanced Korean NSF-42 shower filter that you can easily fix into your shower arm to get pure water flow for your next shower.

Of course, it is designed to go perfectly well with your existing shower head and turn the water into drink-quality water to ensure incredible purity and take care of your skin’s health.

The SHOWR shower filter has been launched on Kickstarter, where it has an early bird price of $39 after a discount of 44 percent off its retail price. Made entirely in South Korea, it is going to be a super good solution to maintain the health of your skin.

As per the brand, it is the result of a collaboration between different research institutions, government agencies, and NVIDIA.


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