ShowerShroom Stealth Hair Stopper: The All-New Drain Protector Hair-Catcher Strainer from the Creators of TubShroom

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ShowerShroom Stealth is an upgraded shower drain cover for catching hair in your sink. It is from the Shroom Company, the famous maker of the minimalist hair-catcher strainer TubShroom.

The new ShowerShroom Stealth is universally compatible, as it can perfectly go over any shower, tub, and bathroom sink drain and can catch every hair (pet hair, too) out of sight without causing any disruption to the smooth flow of the water.

Like its predecessors, ShowerShroom Stealth is launched on Kickstarter with an early bird pricing of $19. The brand expects to start shipping to the backers in Sep. 2023. As of writing this, the product has attracted around 600 people, with 35+ days to go until the campaign ends.

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ShowerShroom Stealth at a Glance

The All-New Hair Catcher Drain Protector.
High-Quality Build and a Unique Design.
Universal Shower Strainer – Hair Catcher.
Easy-to-Use – No Installation Required. 

ShowerShroom Stealth Price

Why the ShowerShroom Hair-Catcher Strainer?

Hair is indeed the number one reason behind a clogged drain in your sinks.

The team at the Shroom Company has been developing incredible strainers for a long time to keep the mess of hair clogging at bay. Over the years, the team has developed some cool products under different brand names: TubShroom, ShowerShroom, and SinkShroom.

The new ShowerShroom Stealth is the new addition, with a more revolutionary design and increased build quality.

You can just place this little device over the drain in your sink to get started with your fight against hair clogging, as it doesn’t need any installation.

It is designed to make sure the water flow is not blocked in the sink while every hair is caught out of sight, and you can easily remove the strained hair after a while.

It is a universally compatible hair catcher, which means it is suitable for the sinks of your bathrooms, shower rooms, and tubs.


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