Sharge Shargeek 170: A Sleek and Prism-Shaped Third Edition to the Shargeek Power Bank Series with 170W Output 

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The next generation of Sharge’s much-excited, transparent Shargeek power bank has arrived.

The new model, called the Shargeek 170, along with a unique prism shape, highlights an increased output of 170 watts and an input of 140 watts. Let us delve into all the new features of Shargeek 170 and compare it to its predecessors, the Storm 2 and Storm 2 Slim.

Unlike the Storm 2 and Storm 2 Slim, the new model is branded with its OEM name, which is Shargeek 170, which, as you can see, indicates the output charge. The Storm 2 and Storm 2 Slim are also known as Shargeek 100 and Shargeek 130 in the same fashion.

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The battery inside the new Prism Silhouette power bank is a 24000 mAh unit, and, as said above, it can deliver an ultimate power of 170 watts (max) via its USB 3.1 140W PD port, and it can be charged at a blazing speed of 140 watts in just 20 minutes (from zero to 50%).

While charging, you can keep using the power bank to power your devices, thanks to its pass-through charging facility.

Sharge Shargeek 170 An Overview

The Shargeek has three USB ports overall, a pair of USB-C 140W PD ports, and a USB-A port. So you can easily put a fully charged power bank to use to juice up three devices at the same time, and even while all the ports are in use, you can use either of the USB-C ports to charge it at a rate of 65 watts.

A smart and bigger display is another thing that makes it unique from its predecessors, along with the new prism design, which enhances its portability factor, as you can get a better grip on it in your hand.

The smart display offers you full visibility of all the basic battery information, and once you place it on your desktop, you can have a clear view of the display thanks to its cool form factor, which, as per the brand, is inspired by the triangular prism of Dark Side of the Moon, the studio album hit by Pink Floyd.

This can also be charged by a solar panel. You can use a solar source of up to 12 watts to charge it with the power of the sun.

Sharge Shargeek 170 Price and Release Date

Like all its former products, Sharge launched the new Shargeek power bank on Kickstarter, where it starts at a cheaper $119 as part of the early bird deals.

The price is around 40% less than its projected retail price. The brand estimates that it will start shipping the power bank to the backers in December 2023.

Shargeek 170 vs. Shargeek 100 vs. Shargeek 130

Shargeek 170 Vs. Shargeek 100 Vs. Shargeek 130

The branding of each product itself indicates the basic difference. Did you get that? The input and output PD ports of the devices are respectively 170 watts, 100 watts, and 130 watts.

View Shargeek 130 on Sharge Here
View Shargeek 100 on Sharge Here

All the models are famous for their transparent designs, but the latest one has a rather handy and convenient prism styling, though it is a bit larger and bulkier in size.

But handling is quite easier, as it will sit perfectly in your hand as you move on and while using it as an emergency power backup at work or home.

When it comes to the battery size, the first-launched Shargeek 100, also known as Storm 2, is still the leader with a 25600 mAh unit under the hood. Its slim version, the Storm 2 Slim, has a 2000 mAh battery, while the new model falls in between two duos with a 24000 mAh battery.

All the models are airline-safe and durable power banks with a variety of charging options. Though all models have smart display screens, the new model has an edge with a bit larger display that can offer the user a good view of the battery information.


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