Qoola Pro Wearable Air Conditioner: An Ultimate Personal Air Conditioner That Doubles as a Non-Drippy Icepack

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Following the massive success of its original Qoola wearable air conditioner, Qoola has launched a revamped upgrade called the Qoola Pro, which features a unique belt-buckle-like design different from its predecessor’s headphone-style form factor.

Fine, the Qoola Pro is a brand-new personal air conditioner that you can wear on any part of your body to cool down in scorching summers and effectively relieve pain in place of an ice pack. Thanks to its new and unique Free-MT harness system, it can ensure secure and safe mounting at any position on your body.

As per the brand, the new mounting system is designed to be more secure for comfortable wearing of the air conditioner on all popular body parts like the chest, back, waist, forehead, and so on.

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The technology is inspired by what is used in the medical and PPE markets, making the Qoola Pro a perfect pick for runners, campers, climbers, delivery carriers, and site workers to wear in comfort.

Qoola Pro at a Glance

  • Wearable AC with a Temp. Range of 70-54°F.
  • Non-Drippy Icepack and Pain Reliever.
  • Unique Belt-Buckle-Like Form Factor.
  • ICS+ Tech. for Fast and Effective Cooling.
  • Three-Level Cooling Mode.
  • Ergonomic Design and Lightweight Product.
  • Exclusive Mobile App for Remote Control.
  • AI-Based Temperature Control. 

Absolutely, the upgraded Qoola air conditioner highlights more advanced cooling technology. Called the ICS+ (Instant Cooling System+), the new cooling system focuses more on cooling, which makes it perform 20% to 30% better than its predecessor’s ICHS cooling system.

The Qoola Pro can replace your drippy icepacks in relieving dizziness, workout damage, small injuries, and inflammation. Since it doesn’t drip water, you can comfortably wear it under your clothes and enjoy freshness and relief from the damage.

Yes, you no longer need to carry your icepacks on your long exploration trips and other sporting activities. The Qoola Pro can turn into a perfect icepack in 30 seconds.

Qoola Pro Price and Availability

The Qoola Pro wearable air conditioner has been launched on Kickstarter, where it starts at $69 after an early bird discount of around 50% off its expected retail price.

The company expects to start shipping it to the backers in November 2023. As of this writing, the product has attracted over 500 backers, with as many as 44 days until the campaign ends.

Qoola Pro vs. Qoola Original

There are a lot of special things with the brand-new Qoola Pro, with the first and most notable being the form factor.

The Qoola Original is exactly like any other wearable air conditioner that is designed like a headset that you can comfortably wear over your neck.

The new Qoola Pro has a unique belt-buckle-like shape that you can set up on the included adjustable strap and wear on many parts of the body with no trouble.

When it comes to features, the new Qoola Pro outperforms its predecessor with several new features like the ICS+ cooling technology, better skin cooling, an exclusive mobile app, a pain reliever feature, AI temperature control, a longer running time, and more.

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