ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance: Adjustable and All-In-One Hive Entrance to Protect Bees

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ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance is a unique doorway system to ultimately protect bees and hives from several common threats. The cone-shaped entry and exit system can block attacks from a variety of predators such as wasps, skunks, hornets, and robbing bees.

The red-colored cone inserts are capable of ensuring easy bee movements, however.

Apart from outrightly blocking predators, ProtectaBEE can also safeguard bees from the infections of Varroa mites and American foulbrood with a powder treatment. You can use this capacity of the system by simply leaving suitable anti-bacterial powder inside the doorway module.

The bees coming back from flowers will get through the powder and spread it all over the hive, letting you ward off all disease-causing elements. It is indeed a tested and proven technology as per the research by a team of experts at the University of Guelph.

ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance At a Glance



  • Unique, All-In-One Adjustable Hive Entrance.
  • Simple Physical Protection with Cone Inserts.
  • Suitable for Langstroth and FlowHives.
  • Easy to Install and Detach.
  • UV Light and Weather-Resistant System.

Its maker has launched it on Indiegogo, where it has an early bird price of $50. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in the USA, Canada, Australia by June 2022.

ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance

ProtectaBEE comes up with easily detachable cone inserts. Therefore, you can effortlessly adjust the entrance of the beehives and keep it fully open for maximum bee traffic.

The red color of the cone inserts is also interesting. Bees, warps, and all other insects are not able to see the red, but bees can identify the hive with the help of their instinctive smelling capacities.

The bees will be able to learn the entry and exit points in under two hours, while other insects can’t identify them. Overall, beekeeping becomes an easy and hassle-free job with PortectaBEE.

You can easily attach the system to the entrance of your beehive and insert the cone drawers just after. If needed, you can use any treatment powder. The system is weather-resistant and is made of bee-friendly plastic.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the ProtectaBEE Hive Entrance system. The product is indeed getting a good response on the crowdfunding platform. If you are impressed with the product, it is the best time to get it at affordable prices. Share your thoughts on ProtectaBEE in the comments below.


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