PlantMate Automatic Watering Machine: A Stylish and Smart Watering Solution for Your Interior Plants

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You might be worried about getting your plants dried out while you are traveling or on vacation.

Here is a simple solution for that: the PlantMate automatic watering machine, which helps you track the moisture levels in the soil of your plants on your phone and simply water them remotely.


Even while you are at home, watering a plant in the perfect way can always be a challenge. You may either over or underwater it, and that will end up ruining the plant at the end of the day.

PlanteMate is a smart watering solution that you can set up easily in a matter of minutes by filling its tank and installing a mobile app. Thanks to the included soil sensors, it can detect the deficiency of water in the soil and enable you to manage watering simply from your handset.

The result is that you get much convenience in taking care of your interior plants, and next, the plants will get only the right amount of water to maintain their health with no issues. Both results will simply enhance your gardening experience, and it will no longer be a tedious job for you.

In other words, you won’t at least be a quitter like me.

PlantMate Specs

When it comes to specs, PlanteMate comes with four smart soil sensors and as many pumps that will deliver water to four pots.

An oval-shaped, elegant design with a water tank of 5 liters is another attraction.

With an extra water tank, you can increase the water supply capacity so that you can enjoy a longer vacation without any worry.

The product is launched on Kickstarter, where its price starts at $120 after an early bird discount of around 40%. The brand plans to start shipping to the backers in March 2024.


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