Plantee Smart Indoor Greenhouse: All-In-One Smart Greenhouse for Growing Plants Indoors

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We are familiar with a wide range of smart indoor gardening solutions. Here is a more advanced and hi-tech product from a start-up, Plantee. It is a smart all-in-one mini greenhouse for indoors. The Plantee smart indoor greenhouse is, in fact, the most technologically advanced product of its kind with a lot of incredible features.

Of course, the right lighting and accurate watering are the essential factors of indoor growing. It can be very tough for one without a green thumb and extreme passion to manage these things manually. But having fresh plants and veggies indoors is still a dream of everybody.


Here comes the Plantee smart greenhouse. Launched on Kickstarter, the hi-tech indoor garden is a fully automatic gardening solution. It can water and light up your plants with exactly what they require for thriving even in the darkest corner of your home. Stay tuned for more details below.

Plantee Smart Indoor Greenhouse

Plantee is an incredibly advanced indoor greenhouse. You can simply select the plant you want to grow in it and the system will be all set for the particular plant. It can grow an amazing variety of plants, including veggies, herbs, fruits, flowers, and more.

It features all the modern indoor gardening technologies for self-watering, growing lights, LCD screen monitoring, temperature setting, and more. Thanks to the included smart CPU-controlled LEDs, your plants will get the right amount of illumination.

You can set the photoperiod to ensure the correct lighting for your plants. Meanwhile, Plantee is capable of adjusting the intensity of the light automatically as per the size of the plant.


Along with having an automatic watering system, you have it equipped with a flexible hose. So, you can adjust the flow of water to what an individual plant requires.

A soil moisture sensor is another attraction. The high-frequency stainless-steel sensor will help the machine manage its automatic watering feature.

A 1500 ml inbuilt water tank is there to serve water to the system.

It has got a facility to notify you when there is a shortage of water in the tank. You can fill up the tank from any container using the included magnetic water hose.

Why Should You Buy

1. Suitable for a Wide Range of Plants

The Plantee smart indoor greenhouse is fine for growing a large variety of plants.

Other than the included plant profiles, you can access unlimited numbers of plant profiles shared by other growers in the community. So, you will get the indoor greenhouse ready with settings for a wide range of popular plants.

2. All-In-One Indoor Greenhouse

Typically, we have to collect several ingredients individually to start growing indoors. Plantee is a complete all-in-one solution for growing your favorite plants comfortably at home. It comes with a seeds starter pack, and soil pack. fertilizer pack, automatic irrigation, intelligent grow lights, a USB drive with plant profiles, community plant profile inputs, and more.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Plantee smart indoor greenhouse. The project was launched on Kickstarter. In a few days, nearly 50 people backed up the project to raise a sum of 40k. Plantee is indeed a great way to let you grow your favorite plant indoors. Though a bit expensive, the product is highly rich in technology and it can make indoor gardening a breeze, for sure.


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