Oyo Total Body Massager: 2-in-1 Percussion and Lateral Massager – Oyo Nova Vs Oyo Gym

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Oyo Fitness, the famous innovator of a handful of affordable portable gyms like Nova Gym, has designed a total body massager called the Oyo Total Body Massager. It is a revolutionary 2-in-1 portable massager that is fine for both lateral and percussion personal massaging experiences.

It comes with a vibrating belt for lateral massaging and a collection of snap-on tips for percussion massage.

The Oyo body massager is a perfect personal massaging tool that can relieve your tension and relax stiff muscles and pain. The vibrating belt can reach all parts of your body from head to toe in any position and deliver powerful lateral vibration on soft tissue like muscles as well as hard tissue like joints and bones.

The tool can be simply converted into a percussion gun and you can attach any of the included percussion tips to target soft tissues with rapid strikes. The percussion massaging, as you know, is ideal for breaking up muscle knots and adhesions and recovering muscle soreness after intense workouts.

Oyo Total Body Massager Overview



  • 2-in-1 Lateral & Percussion Massager.
  • Deep Soothing Personal Massage Tool.
  • Lateral Side-to-Side Vibration.
  • Simply Convertible to Percussion Gun.
  • Multiple Percussion Massage Tips.

  • Available for Pre-Order Only. 
Price and Release Date Update: The Oyo Total Body Massager is launched on Kickstarter in July 2022. It is up for pre-order at an early bird price of $189, which is 40% off of its MSRP of $229. Oyo Fitness plans to start shipping it to the backers by Oct. 2022. Pre-order the product on the link below. 


As you know, Oyo Fitness’ all-in-one Nova Gym was one of the highest crowdfunded fitness products in history. As of writing this, the Oyo Fitness massager has accumulated around 350K USD from over 1600 backers with 30 more days for the crowdfunding campaign to end.

The Oyo massager is available for pre-order in multiple packages; Standard, Premium, and a Combo with the Nova Gym. Each package has a different number of belt attachments, percussion tips, and other accessories.

Disclaimer: Being a product seeking crowdfunding, this may currently exist in a prototype only. A design change, delivery delay, and even price differences can be expected for crowdfunded projects by when they are ready for shipping after mass production.

Oyo Total Body Massager – Features and Benefits 

Oyo Total Body Massager Features

Nova Gym Vs Oyo Gym

As stated above, Oyo Fitness is known for its much-excited personal home gym solutions. Two of the brand’s much-touted products are Nova Gym and Oyo Personal Gym. Both the products hit the market through highly successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2020 and 2017.

Here, we would like to have a look at the home gyms in our take on Nova Gym Vs Oyo Gym. As you see, Nova Gym is available as an accessory with the Oyo Total Body Massager and it has also found a place in various bundles with the massager as part of the Kickstarter launch perks.

Oyo Nova is actually the latest upgrade to the brand’s original Oyo Personal Gym. The 2020 new model has got a better resistance and durable profile than its predecessor, and it is also rather lightweight. They are both NASA SpiralFlex-based portable gyms. Have a quick glance at them in the table below.

Oyo Nova Gym Oyo Personal Gym
  • 40 lbs SpiraFlex Resistance.
  • Four 10 lb FlexPacks.
  • 60-in Extension Cable.
  • T-Bar Grip Handles.
  • Door and Leg Attachment Combo.
  • 25 lbs SpiraFlex Resistance
  • One 5 lb & Two 10 lb. FlexPacks
  • 56-In cable Extension.
  • Ball Grip Handles.
  • Ankle and Door Attachments.

Oyo Fitness has indeed both models on sale with a price difference of around $50. Use the link above to check out their latest prices. The obvious difference between the cool home gyms is the SpiralFlex resistance. The first-gen home gym is having a resistance of 25 lbs, while the upgrade has got a 40 lbs resistance.

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the Oyo Total Body Massager, the next game-changer portable fitness tool from Oyo Fitness. It is performing quite well on Kickstarter, where you can pre-book it with attractive perks and deals. Share your thoughts about the new Oyo product in the comments below.


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