Outask Telescopic Lantern: 3-in-1 Portable Lantern Vs Conventional Camping Lanterns and Headlamps

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We are familiar with a wide range of camping lights and headlamps. What about a telescopic lantern that can act like a camping tower light, torchlight, and desktop light at the same time? Then, you have the Outask Telescopic Lantern, a 3-in-1 compact and portable light for camping, fishing, field work, and outdoor life.

The main attraction is that the lantern has three modes. You can extend its arm up to 1.1 meters to use it as a tower light, unfold it to become a little desktop light, and telescope it into a handy flashlight. When fully collapsed, Outask is just a cylindrical form that you can smoothly fit in your backpack and carry with one hand.

Coming to specs, Outask is a super cool outdoor lamp with three modes; low, medium, and high in the brightness of 100lm, 300lm, and 550lm respectively. It sports a 12Ah battery that is capable of running the light for up to 10 hours in its higher brightness mode and 45 hours in its lower mode on a single recharge.

Outask Telescopic Lantern at a Glance

ouTask Telescopic Lantern for Camping



  • 3-in-1 Telescopic Compact Outdoor Lantern.
  • Tower Light, Desktop Light, and Torchlight.
  • Outdoor Lamp with Three Light Modes.
  • Lamp Head with 720° Rotation Angle.
  • 12Ah Battery with 10H High Mode Runtime. 
  • Chargeable from Solar Panels.
  • IPX6+IPX7 Water Resistance Rating.
  • Magnetic Suction and Lanyard. 

  • Available for Pre-Order Only. 
Price and Release Date Update: The Outask lantern is launched on Kickstarter in July 2022 and it is up on pre-order with an early bird price of $99 after a 24% discount on its MSRP of $130. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers by Oct. 2022. Check out the link below to pre-order the lantern.


As of writing this, the project has been backed by over 2800 contributors to collect a sum of around 350K USD with 20 more days to go for the crowdfunding campaign to end. The brand has on offer multiple kits of the lantern with attractive deals and perks on Kickstarter. 

Disclaimer: Being a product seeking crowdfunding, this may currently exist in a prototype only. A design change, delivery delay, and even price differences can be expected for crowdfunded projects by when they are ready for shipping after mass production.

Outask Telescopic Lantern Overview

The light is indeed one of its kind with an angle of 720° as you can rotate the lamp head horizontally with no limits as well as flip it vertically. Also, as you extend and collapse its telescopic pole, the lantern is capable of delivering different lighting effects in your outdoor activity spaces, campsites, and more.

As it is a lite and compact lantern, you can even carry it in the pockets of your backpack with its pole extended. It will result in a feeling of having a moving street light with you, giving light to everybody around you. The built-in tripod and magnetic base increase the anywhere-usability of the light.

Outask Telescopic Lantern Features Overview

The lantern has got two USB ports – a USB-A and a USB-C port – for charging it from a power source and delivering power for your handsets and other USB camping gear in an emergency. That is how it also acts like a power bank in your trips and travels. You can also charge the lantern from solar panels.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Outask telescopic lantern. It is a cool product that merges three incredible lighting capabilities required for essential camping needs into a compact and handy device. It is a time you can ditch the conventional camping lanterns, torchlights, and headlamps for this handheld, retractable tower light. Share your thoughts about the lantern in the comments below.


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