Oenklen Ozone Mouthwash Machine: An Innovative, Home-Use Ozone Mouthwash Generator from Tap Water

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The Oenklen ozone mouthwash machine is a revolutionary dental care product.

The innovative ozone mouthwash generator can produce ozone from mere tap water in seconds to make you clean your mouth with 99% sterilization. The ozone generated from the machine is 100% natural and organic, so you can safely use it as a mouth-cleaning solution at home.

As you might know, ozone production has long been possible only through commercial processes, making it difficult for individuals to get it for mouth cleaning or other purposes.

Moreover, ozone water can’t be stored in a bottle as it will decompose quickly. But this countertop-friendly little device can produce ozone for dental cleaning in a breeze. To your knowledge, the FDA has approved ozone as a biocide to fight against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, so it is safe and effective for use by all people, including children and the elderly.

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Oenklen Ozone Mouthwash Machine at a Glance

  • Ozone Mouthwash Maker from Tap Water.
  • 100% Natural and Organic Ozone for Safe Use.
  • 990% Sterilization for Perfect Dental Care.
  • Unlimited Ozone Mouthwash Production.
  • Child & Elderly-Frendly Ozone Mouthwash.
  • Patented Electrolysis Technology. 
  • Easy-to-Use and Compact Device.

With the Oenklen ozone mouthwash machine, you can put aside traditional mouthwashes and stay away from the mess with their plastic bottles, so it obviously turns out to be a more economical and eco-friendly way to clean your mouth. As per its maker, a unit of the Oenklen ozone mouthwash maker is capable of replacing thousands of plastic bottles.

The ozone mouthwash is launched on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign, where it starts at $159 after a discount of around 40%. It has already attracted more than 550 backers on the platform. Its maker plans to start shipping it to the backers in August 2023.

How Does Oenklen Work?

A patented micro-electrolysis process is what converts the tap water into ozone water in the Oenklen ozone mouthwash machine. It is a very simple process. You can just pour tap water into it and get the ozone-rich water in a few seconds.

The ozone mouthwash generated is capable of eliminating more than 99% of harmful dental germs in just five seconds. The process takes place with no side effects and is, therefore, safe for all people.


Why Should You Buy Oenklen?

Though I am yet to go hands-on with the product, I think this is going to be an incredible product of its kind for the purpose of dental care.

Its simple mechanism helps you generate ozone mouthwash very quickly at home. You can just get the water produced in a cup instantly after you pour tap water into the machine.

The main attraction is that you get 100% natural and organic ozone mouthwash that is safe for use by all types of people, including kids and the elderly.

Since the FDA has approved ozone as a broad-spectrum biocide to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, you can surely use it as an ideal solution to keep your mouth clean and thus protect your teeth from caries.

With the easy-to-use and cheaper ozone mouthwash maker, you can no longer go for the expensive traditional mouthwash agents, which, in turn, will also help protect nature from the huge dump of harmful plastic bottles in landfills.

Hence, Oenklen certainly looks to be an eco-friendly and inexpensive solution for mouth cleaning.

Oenklen Price and Release Date

The Oenklen ozone mouthwash maker is on Kickstarter with an early bird price of $159, which is a 45% discount off its expected retail price of $290.

The ozone mouthwash machine comes with a number of accessories, like a magnetic charging cable and two mouthwash cups of 180 ml and 60 ml each.

The brand plans to start shipping it to the backers in August 2023 across the world, and it offers a one-year warranty for the product.


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