Nitetronic F1 Cooling Pillow: A Water-and-Air-Filled Pillow with a Super-Soft Structure for Unrivaled Neck and Head Support

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Many a time, you would have cursed the wrong pillows for denying you a comfortable sleep.

Most of our traditional pillows are filled with some kind of solid material like cotton, latex, and memory foam. What about a pillow that infuses an impressive combination of WATER and AIR and offers very gentle support for your head and neck?

That is what the Kickstarter-launched Nitetronic F1 offers you.

The water- and air-filled, extra-soft, and super-comfortable pillow is from the same brand that made the famous Nitetronic Z6 AI-powered, non-invasive anti-snore pillow.

Nitetronic F1 Cooling Pillow at a Glance

  • Unique Water and Air-Filled Cooling Pillow. 
  • Patented Hydromechanical Structure
  • Firmness and Height Adjustable.
  • Warm and Cold Sides for Better Sleep Options. 
  • Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable Foam.

Check Out the Nitetronic F1 Pillow Here

The unique part is that thanks to the use of water and air, the pillow can act like a cooling pillow, so it can give the right temperature for a comfortable and smooth sleep, apart from its super-soft structure that can make it perfectly conform to the very shape of your head and neck.

Nitetronic F1 Specs (1)

As per the brand, with the innovative cooling pillow, users can enjoy a deep sleep and get away from most of the common sleep troubles like hot flashes, sweaty nights, tossing and turning, abrupt wakeups, and headachy mornings.

Well, the interesting part is that instead of all traditional solid materials, Nitetronic F1 packs the most fluid materials, i.e., water and air, in a patented hydromechanical structure to ensure you increased comfort while sleeping. The early bird price of the pillow is $79 on Kickstarter.

Check out the temperature comparison video of the Nitetronic F1 cooling pillow below. 


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