Moss Air Purifier: A Moss-Based Natural Air Humidifier for Indoors

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Air pollution is at its peak in cities and many urban areas. We have many electrical and modern-day solutions to fight off the polluted air in our rooms and offices. What about a naturally inspired, moss-based solution for the job?

That is what the Moss Air Purifier is. It is a small and sleek desktop-friendly natural air purifier. As you can see, Moss Air is more than a purifier, as it can add some charm to your interior.


When it comes to the purification side, I am not sure how effective it can be when compared to its electric alternatives, but what you get is a stylish piece of purifier that, as per its maker, can get rid of the dry air indoors while being an important part of its aesthetics.

The green stuff inside is the moss, which, as everybody knows, has some purification qualities in the wild. The little device has a cool magentic control, and it is a self-watering system, so constant attention is not required as far as maintenance is concerned.

The product was initially launched on Kickstarter, where it could attract more than 3,000 backers. The brand plans to start shipping it to the backers in January 2024. The early bird price of the Moss Air is around $80.


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