ModBed Modular Garden: Food Waste-Based Garden System for Urban Living

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Are you looking for a way to compost your food waste? Well, the ModBed Modular Garden is an incredible solution, then. It is a great method you can turn your food waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost and use it to grow plants indoors in your urban living spaces.

Modbed is actually a garden bed with a closed-loop garden system.

This is from the famous innovator of the Subpod in-garden compost system. Of course, a Subpoad Mini is the base of the Modbed indoor garden bed. It comes with a piece of Subpod or it can be a superb choice for someone with an existing Subpod Mini to grow plants indoors in style.

Its maker has launched it on Indiegogo for crowdfunding support. It has indeed attracted a lot of backers with its early bird pricing starting at around $300 with a Subpod.

ModBed Modular Garden

Modbed is an exclusive design for urban dwellers. The garden bed has its notable attraction with its inclusion of the patent-pending Subpod mini composting system.

That is what makes Modbed collect waste from your kitchen and divert it into nutrient compost.

Thus, the plants you grow in Modbed can feed on highly nutrient manure, giving you both an easy and quick way for composting and an incredible wooden garden bed for plants indoors.

Of course, Modbed is specially designed for congested spaces in your urban homes. The garden bed has a compact footprint of 900mm x 600mm x 800. It features lockable wheels for quickly moving from one room to the other.

The brand offers a three-year structural guarantee for the product, which is ideal for use in the balcony and patio.


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