Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber: A Smart Way to Grow Gourmet Mushrooms Easily

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Mushrooms are great foods. They are very tasty and healthy and many people love mushrooms in their dishes. What about growing gourmet mushrooms inside your home or kitchen? The Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber is an incredible solution, then.

Mella is a smart mushroom planter. As you see, it is very tricky to ensure the consistent growth of mushrooms in regular methods. This smart mushroom chamber can take care of your gourmet mushrooms, thanks to its inbuilt automated humidity and fresh air system.


The ideal environment inside the chamber can help you grow a variety of mushrooms effortlessly. Here, we would like to have a detailed look at the Mella smart mushroom chamber.

Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Mella is a highly sophisticated solution for nurturing mushrooms indoors. A team of mushroom experts has contributed their input in helping its makers design the brilliant product.

It is a very simple and easy-to-use mushroom planter. It provides enclosed-loop humidity control and fresh air exchange to let the mushrooms thrive richly in ideal environs.

An external water reservoir makes the frequent spritzing of the mushroom kits a thing of the past. You just need to fill the tank once a week and the device will do the rest in realizing an incredible personal gourmet mushroom garden indoors.

The fully submersible detachable fan is easy to clean. You can just remove it and have a quick rinse before the next crop. It can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber. Its maker launched the product on Kickstarter and it could attract over 700 backers to collect more than 300% of its preset goal with 29 more days to go for the campaign to end.

It is an amazing product that can make you produce enough gourmet mushrooms for home use. What is more, its sleek and elegant design also makes it a piece of attraction in your interior. The clear panels and stainless-steel build are indeed some of its unique selling points.


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