MarsPlanter: A Cute and Small Indoor Hydroponics Planter With Grow Light

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MarsPlanter is a stylish and small hydroponic indoor planter. With its self-watering ceramic pot and cutting-edge hydroponic gardening system, it can grow plants indoors year-round with no need for natural light.

The best part about the MarsPlanter indoor garden is its patented ceramic pot, which features pores for the seeds to germinate and attach their roots.

You can just fill up the pot with water and place the ceramic pot inside before leaving the seeds to grow.

Check Out the MarsPlanter Indoor Planter Here

Update August 2023: The MarsPlanter has been launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. It is available for pre-ordering there at an early bird price of $29, which is $26 off of its expected retail price of $55.

Its maker expects to start shipping it to the backers in November 2023. As of this writing, the project has attracted over 300 backers, with around 30 more days until the campaign ends.

The ceramic tray will retain the water infused with the provided liquid fertilizers and feed the roots to let the plants grow richly all year around, thanks to the included LED grow light on top.

The adjustable grow light pole integrates 37 high-performance LED beads to provide the plants with perfect artificial lighting for photosynthesis.

The light has three modes to adjust the brightness and intensity for various stages of plant growth.

Since the light pole is adjustable, as it is with all other smart indoor gardens over there, you can manage its height as the plants grow.

Check out the MarsPlanter introduction video below (provided by MarsPlanter)


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