The 9 Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing: Mars Hydro Vs Spider Farmer Vs ViparSpectra

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A large number of vendors offer impressive LED grow lights for indoor gardens. We have already had a look at the best LED grow lights here. This is our comparison of the three leading vendors in the market of LED grow lights; Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and ViparSpectra.

We would like to cover the best models of the three great brands of the segment in this article. If you are looking at buying a grow light for your indoor gardens, this will be much helpful for you to find the best. Of course, with the finest grow light, you can enhance your yields.


All the brands offer a wide variety of LED grow lights. They have their product lines in multiple series with each having four to six variants to meet the different needs of the customers. Different plants and different stages of growing actually require different lighting for ideal growth.

Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights

It is impossible to have a look at all the models of the above brands in a single article. As stated above, they all have their collections of LED grow lights in large varieties.

Hence, we would like to introduce you to each series and one or two popular variants of them to let you have a clear insight into their product portfolios.

As per your requirements, you will need different growth lighting.

However, the basic purpose of an LED grow light is to realize a sunlight-like atmosphere with full-spectrum lighting to let the plants grow flourishingly inside your home or any dark corner. But the different lights have different applications for the best results.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro is a top vendor of grow tents and LED grow lights since 2009.

The brand has been availing its collection of products in the USA, Canada, and the UK since then. It offers four series of LED grow lights as of today. They are Mars Hydro TS, SP, FC, and FC-E series with each having unique features and functions for indoor gardening.

1. Mars Hydro TS Series LED Grow Lights

  • Budget-Friendly Grow Lights for Personal Gardening.
  • High-Efficiency 2.7umol/j PPE LED Grow Lights.
  • Solid Aluminum Reflective Hood Design.
  • Sunlight-like Full-Spectrum White Color.
  • Longer Lifespan and Energy-Efficient Lights.
  • Daisy-Chain Set-up with Dimmer. 

Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Grow Light


Check out the 1000W variant of the series, TS 1000 above. 

The TS Series is a line of budget grow lights from Mars Hydro. It is available in different power options, ranging from a 600W to 3000W one. All the models are designed for personal gardens and are suitable for use in grow tents, room corners, closets, and shelves.

The models included in the TS series are TS 600, TS 1000, TSW 2000, TSL 2000, and TS 3000. The entry-level 600W one is a high-quality LED grow light with 225 pieces of LEDs and it consumes only 100W. It can cover an area of 2 x 2 feet in the veg and 1.5 x 1.5 feet in the bloom stages.

Meanwhile, you get the next 1000W model with 342 LED beads and it is capable of offering you an ideal coverage of 2.5 x 2.5 feet and a maximum of 3 x 3 feet. It can provide high-efficiency grow light by consuming only 250 watts.

The top-end 3000W model of the lineup is more feature-rich with a daisy chain set-up and easy dimming options and is fine for large rooms and even commercial applications. It can cover an area of 5 x 5 feet in the veg stage and 4 x 4 feet in the bloom stage of your plants.

2. Mars Hydro SP Series LED Grow Lights

  • Powerful and Efficient Single Bar LED Grow Lights.
  • Densely Arranged Samsung and Osram Diodes.
  • Thick Aluminum Fin Heat Sink for Ideal Heat Dissipation.
  • Daisy-Chain Dimmer with Known for Personalized Lighting.
  • IP65-Rated Waterproof Profile for Humid Environs.
  • Perfect for Growing Tents Grow Boxes and Greenhouses.

Check out the top-end model of the series, SP6000 above.

Next, we have a series of single-bar LED grow lights.

They are powerful and efficient for tall plants and greenhouses and they appear in a handful of models, which include SP150, SP3000, and SP6000.

These lights feature densely arranged Samsung and Osram diodes and are capable of delivering stronger penetration, making them ideal for bigger plants. The included aluminum fin heat sink can help scatter the heat easily by ending up in their longer lifespans.

The entry-level variant of the series is a 150W grow light. It is made of 322 LED beads and it can light up an area of 2 x 2 feet in a grow tent and 4 x 4 feet in a grow box. It consumes only 135 watts of power to provide you will full spectrum lighting for your plants.

The next one in the series is SP3000. It is a perfect LED grow light with Samsung beads, a Mean Well driver, and a dimmable box.

By consuming 300W, it can light up 2 x 5 feet veg area and 2 x 4 feet of flowering area.

Meanwhile, the SP6000 is the advanced model of the line with a host of cool features. It is optimized for a coverage of 3 x 6 feet of personal growing and 3 x 5 feet of commercial growing spaces.

Made with 2376 pieces of Samsung LM301B diodes and Osram 660 LEDs, it can give you a better yield with an efficiency of 2.8μmol/J.

3. Mars Hydro FC Series LED Grow Lights

  • High-Quality Commercial LED Grow Lights. 
  • Fine for Single Canopy Or Multi-Tier Cultivators.
  • Higher PPE Output of Up To 2.8µmol/J and 2.5g/W.
  • 180-Degree Foldable LED Grow Lights.
  • Daisy-Chain Function and Dimmer for Customized Lighting.
  • Waterproof Design and Effective Heat Sink. 

Check out the mid-range variant of the series, FC4800 above.

It is a line of commercial LED grow lights. Coming up in a variety of models, these lights feature good-quality Samsung diodes and are optimized for single-canopy or multi-tier cultivators to ensure uniform crops with maximum yields.

These LED grow lights can evenly light up each corner of your garden area and provide the right PPFD that the plants require for their whole growth stages. The thick and solid heat sink is made to quickly dissipate heat and give you longer lifespans.

The entry-level variant of the series is FC3000, which is a super-quality LED grow light with Samsung and Osram diodes. It can offer you a best-in-class light efficiency of 2.8 µmol/J and a Max 2.5g yield per watt with a higher PPFD. It can cover a personal garden of 3 x 3 feet.

The next model is the FC3000, which also enjoys all the features of the entry-level variant.

It can deliver full-spectrum light for an area of 3 x 3 feet commercial and 4 x 4 feet personal gardens by consuming only 480W.

The top-end model of the FC series is FC6500. Featuring 2688 pieces of Samsung and Osram LED beads, it can give ideal lighting for a personal coverage area of 5 x 5 feet and a commercial area of 4 x 4 feet. It operates by consuming only 650 watts of power.

4. Mars Hydro FC-E Series LED Grow Lights

  • Commercial LED Grow Light with Modular Features. 
  • Detachable LED Light Bars for Personalized Settings. 
  • High PPE of Up to 2.7umol/j and Growing Yield of 2.5g/w.
  • Daisy-chain Function and Dimmer Knobs for Custom Lighting.
  • IP65-Rated Waterproof, Solid Aluminum Heat Sink.
  • Dismountable Mean Well or MOSO Driver. 

Check out the mid-range variant of the series, FC-E4800 above. 

The next is also a line of powerful commercial grow lights, but they differ with some lovely modular features.

The lights feature removable multiple bar lights. Hence, you can ensure a more even distribution of the light by setting the bars as per your preferences. So, the FC-E series has a handful of cost-effectively modular grow lights, which include FC-E3000, FC-E4800, and FC-E6500.

FC-E3000 is the entry-level model of the series. It is a high-efficiency grow light with 1184 pieces of BridgeLux diodes and the Mean Well driver.

It can deliver an industry-leading PPF of 2.7 µmol/J and a growing yield of Max 2.5g/w. Using only 300 watts of power, it can cover 3 x 3 feet of personal grow space and 2.5 x 2.5 commercial space.

The next model of the line is FC-E4800, which features 2646 pieces of BridgeLux diodes and also has the same output as the above model. It works by consuming 480W and can cover 4 x 4 feet personal and 3. X 3 commercial spaces.

Finally, we have the biggest model of the series, the FC-E6500. It equips 3978 pieces of the same LED beads and is powerful enough to cover an area of 5 x 5 feet for personal and 4 x 4 for commercial growing. It is also an energy-efficient model as it consumes only 650 watts.

Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights

Spider Farmer is another top innovator of LED grow lights. Along with the grow lights, it is also a vendor of grow tents and grow kits. Its line of LED grow lights contains SF Series, SE Series, and Veg Light Series. All the series have multiple variants to meet the various needs of growers.

1. Spider Farmer SF Series Grow Lights

  • Powerful LED Grow Lights for Personal Growing.
  • Lower Running Cost and Better Yields.
  • Well-Made and Durable Construction. 
  • Personalized Dimming Design and Solid Heat Sink.
  • Available in a Wide Range of Power Options.

Spider Farmer SF Series Grow Lights

Check out the mid-range variant of the series, SF2000 above. 

The SF series is the brand’s collection of LED grow lights for personal gardens. It features a wide range of variants, which include smaller and budget-friendly models too. SF600, SF1000, SF2000, SF3000, SF4000, and SF7000 are some of the models to name in the series.

As their names imply, the models in the SF series appear in various power options.

SF600 is the base model and SF7000 is the top-end model. SF600 is a 74W LED Grow light with a host of features like a wide beam angle and a solid light reflector. The 384-LED light can cover an area of 2 x 4 feet for high-yield indoor gardening.

It is when SF7000 is a high-output grow light. By consuming only 650W of power, it can provide you with a high photon efficiency of up to 2.9 umol/J and coverage of 5 x 5 feet of commercial growing space. Its Seoul LED beads are indeed powerful enough to bring you a good PPF value.

SF2000 is a mid-range model of the series and it equips Samsung LM301B LED beads to offer a light efficiency of 2.7 umol/J. It has a veg coverage of 3 x 4 feet and flowering of 2 x 4 feet.

SF1000 is another entry-level variant for covering a veg footprint of 3 x 3 feet and a flowering area of 2 x 2 feet.

2. Spider Farmer SE Series LED Grow Lights

  • Powerful LED Grow Lights with Multi-Light Bars. 
  • Available in Commercial-Grade High-Output Models.
  • Dimmable, Advanced Full-Spectrum Grow Lights.
  • Passively Cooled and Detachable Drivers.
  • Available in Multiple High-Power Variants.

Check out the high-end variant of the series, SE7000 above. 

The SE is a series of multi-bar LED grow lights from Spider Farmer. These lights are indeed more powerful and efficient and you can adjust the light bars in order to light up your indoor gardens more effectively. The SE line is available in variants like SE3000, SE5000, and SE7000.

The basic model SE3000 is a full-spectrum grow light with 896 pieces of Samsung LM301 diodes. By drawing in 300 watts of power, it can deliver you an impressive PPE of up to 2.75 umol/J and cover an area of 3 to 3 feet for high indoor yielding regardless of the season.

The next model is SE5000. It is a six-bar LED grow light with higher light efficiency and coverage. It is ideal for canopies and grow tents with a PPE of 2.75 umol/J. The 2016-piece LED grow light consumes only 480 watts of power to provide ideal lighting to a coverage area of 4 x 4 feet.

Finally, the series has its high-end model in SE7000. As you see in the above photo, it is an eight-bar LED light with 2688 pieces of Samsung LM301B diodes. It consumes only 730 watts of power to light up your growing space of 4 x 4 feet and offer you higher indoor yields.

ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights

Next, we have ViparSpectra, a famous vendor of LED grow lights and grow kits.

The brand offers a large variety of grow lights in more than half a dozen of series. We would like to check out all the series and the popular model of the brand in our comparison of Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and ViparSpectra LED grow lights.

The ViparSpectra grow lights appear in XS Series, P Series, V Series, VS Series, VB Series, and more. As you see, different series of lights are optimized for different applications in indoor gardening. Stay tuned with us to have a detailed look at each of the ViparSpectra grow light series.

1. ViparSpectra SX Series Led Grow Lights

  • High-Performance QB LED Grow Lights.
  • Sunlike Full Spectrum Light for Indoor Growing
  • Samsung LM301B Diodes and Mean Well Drivers.
  • High-Efficiency PPE Outputs for Better Yields.
  • Available in a number of Budget Models.

Viparspectra SX Series Led Grow Lights

Check out the entire XS Series of grow lights on the link above. 

This is a series of basic LED grow lights for personal growing indoors.

The QB LED grow lights are high-performance units and the series contains four variants. XS1000, XS1500, XS2000, and XS4000 are the models, which respectively consume 120W, 150W, 240W, and 480W of power to deliver full-spectrum lighting for growing your personal gardens.

The lights feature Samsung LM301B diodes, Mean Well drivers, and other advanced features to provide you with a high PPE and better yields. The base model of the line can provide you with a vegetative coverage of 2.5 x 2.5 feet at a height of 18-in and a flowering coverage of 2 x 2 feet at 14-in.

The XS2000 model is optimized for covering a vegetative area of 4 x 3 feet at 24-in height and 4 x 2 feet of flowering space at 20-in height. It is when the top-ender of the series XS4000 can cover a space of 5 x 4 feet at 28-in for growing veggies and 5 x 3 feet at 24-in for flowers.

All the models in the line equip a variety of quality LED beads and IR LEDs. The Mean Well drivers make the grow lights achieve high PAR output and longer lifespans. Solid heat sinks and flexible dimmer functions are other cool highlights of the XS series LED grow lights.

2. ViparSpectra Pro Series LED Grow Lights

  • Budget-Friendly QB LED Grow Lights.
  • Sunlike Full Spectrum Light Indoor Growing. 
  • High-Efficiency New SMD LED Technology. 
  • Large Heat Sinks for Longer Lifespans.
  • Flexible Dimmer with Knob for Personalized Setting.

Viparspectra Pro Series LED Grow Lights


Check out the entire Pro Series of grow lights on the link above. 

Here is another series of impressive LED grow lights from ViparSpectra. It is a line-up of budget-friendly QB-style grow lights that feature the new SMD LED technology and powerful drivers for better PPE. There are six models in the series; P600, P1000, P1500, P2000, P2500, and P4000.

Coming to its entry-level P600 model, it can offer a vegetative coverage of 2 x 2 feet at 18-in height and flowering coverage of 1.5 x 1.5 feet at 14-in height. The energy-efficient grow light consumes only 95 watts to offer full-spectrum growing light for your favorite plants.

It is when, the ViparSpectra P1500, one of the mid-range variants of the Pro series is a more powerful and efficient one. It offers you a vegetative coverage of 3 x 3 feet at 20-in height and 2.5 x 2.5 coverage for flowering at 16-in height and it devours only 150 watts.

The top-end variant of the series P4000 can give a 5 x 5 feet vegetative coverage at 28-in height and 4 x 4 flowering coverage at 24-in height. All the lights equip advanced drivers for better light efficiency and longer lifespans.

A well-designed cooling system with a solid aluminum heat sink, waterproof profile, and flexible dimming knobs are other attractions of the Pro series of LED grow lights from ViparSpectra.

3. ViparSpectra Dimmable Series LED Grow Lights

  • Individually Dimmable LED Grow Lights.
  • Front Fans and Big Heat Sinks for Fast Heat Dissipation. 
  • High-Quality LED Diodes for High-Efficiency Output. 
  • Available in Multiple Models with Different Coverages.

Viparspectra Dimmable Series LED Grow Lights

Check out the high-end variant of the series, PAR1200 above.

The ViparSpectra dimmable series is a collection of grow lights that are scientifically optimized to maintain the balance between the PAR/Lumen output and the light coverage. These lights offer a 3-channel spectral control, thanks to the independently adjustable blue, red, and white dimmers.

The series has nearly half a dozen of models, which include PAR450, PAR600, PAR600T, PAR700, and PAR1200. To begin with, the entry-level model PAR600 works on 213W of power and it can cover a vegetative area of 2.5 x 2.5 feet at 32-in height and a flowering area of 2 x 2 at 24-in.

The next model is PAR600, which is a 285W grow light and can perfectly light a 3 x 3 feet growing area at 24-in height. Meanwhile, PAR700 is fine for a vegetative coverage of 3 x 3 feet at 36-in height and a flowering coverage of 2.5 x 2.5 feet at 28-in height.

The top ender of the dimmable series is PAR1200, which is a 545W grow light with a vegetative coverage of 4 x 4 feet at 40-in feet and flowering coverage of 3.5 x 3.5 feet at 36 in.

All the models in the series feature 3.2-inch front fans and large aluminum heat sinks for quick dissipation of heat.

Final Thoughts

That has been our comparison of Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and ViparSpectra LED grow lights. We have covered all the series of the three brands and their popular models in the article. So, it will be easy for you to find the best LED grow light for growing plants, veggies, and flowers inside your home. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below.


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